Delayed Service – February 21 2015

Dear BPC Members and Friends,

We are going to try and have worship tomorrow–with one change: in consultation with several of the Trustees, we decided to have a “delayed opening” and move our worship service to 11:30 a.m. The hope is that temperatures will continue to rise during the morning hours and perhaps leave us with “just rain” to contend with. Having said that, our members and friends come from all directions, and conditions may vary from location to location, so we know that driving may not be advisable depending on those conditions, and your safety must come first.

Worship will be the only activity on the church schedule. The Adult Class and Church School have been cancelled for the morning. In addition, the Newcomer’s Brunch scheduled for after worship has been cancelled and it will be re-scheduled to another date.

You can help spread the word by calling your church friends and letting them know of the schedule change. The change will also be posted on the BPC Facebook page and on the BPC website, and the answering machine at the church will also reflect the change in schedule.

The trustees I spoke with this afternoon all said, and I agree with them, that “it just hasn’t felt right” to not have worship for two weeks in a row, and our church community needs to be together. The weather forecast I just watched on Channel 5 indicates that temperatures should indeed rise as the morning goes on, and north of Boston will receive less rain than locations south of Boston.

Be safe, and may God’s blessings be with you all,


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