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Page updated 25 January 2023; Burlington Presbyterian Church

The Community Dinner scheduled for Wednesday, Jan 25th is cancelled due to the weather forecast. The next dinner is planned for Wednesday, February 22.

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January 08 – 14

Wise men following star.

New Year’s Resolutions
Many of us look at the new year as an opportunity to do better; to make improvements to our health routine and how we care for ourselves and those around us. I don’t think I’m alone in entering into the new year with the best of intentions, and then falling short within the first few days. Whether your goals are related to exercise, eating habits, organization, spiritual practices, or other forms of personal improvement, we all have areas in which we strive to advance. And when we slip up or regress in our progress, it can be tempting to give up entirely and think that we will never get it right. But that impedes us from making the changes we know will help us to feel better, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Instead of beating myself up over my failures, I am taking a new approach this year. Every day is a new opportunity to start over. In fact, to quote one of my favorite literary characters, Anne of Green Gables, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” Clean slate. Begin again. Every day is a fresh gift from God and we are given another chance to live into the wholeness of who we are called to be.

Epiphany, which is celebrated twelve days after Christmas on January 6th, marks the arrival of the Magi from the East who followed the star to see where Jesus was born. We don’t know how long their journey actually took, or how far they traveled, but we know that they were guided by the star and by an angel who appeared to them in a dream, instructing them to return home by another way. Sometimes the road we can see before us is not the way we are called to travel. Sometimes, the path can lead us in a new direction. But like the Magi, we can be open to where the Spirit of God is leading us in this new year, and give ourselves the grace to start over, as many times as we need to. 

May the light of Epiphany illuminate your days and guide you through the nights. 

We will celebrate Communion this Sunday. If you are worshiping from home, please prepare your bread and juice ahead of the service, so that you may participate with us in receiving communion. 

This Week’s Scripture:

Isaiah 60:1-6
Matthew 2:1-12

Worship is in-person in the sanctuary and online via Zoom
Sunday 10:30 – 11:40 am


Christmas Joy Offering
The Christmas Joy Offering has been a cherished Presbyterian tradition since the 1930s. The Offering distributes gifts equally to the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions and to Presbyterian-related schools and colleges equipping communities of color. The Assistance Program provides critical financial support to church workers and their families. Presbyterian-related schools and colleges provide education and leadership development while nurturing racial and ethnic heritage. This has been a Presbyterian commitment for nearly 140 years. We will receive the Christmas Joy Offering on through January 08, in person or by mail or online donations. Thank you for your generous support of Special Offerings!

Financial Pledges for 2023
If you haven’t already done so, please remember to submit your financial pledge to support the work of our church in 2023. The Treasurer, Finance Committee, and Session are now working on the 2023 budget. To prepare realistically for next year, it is important to have an accurate estimate of congregational giving. A “pledge” is not a “contract.” We realize, especially in these uncertain days, that circumstances change, and the amount folks can contribute may decrease or increase as the new year unfolds. Nevertheless, it helps enormously for budgeting if we have a good sense of what our income may be. You can mail a pledge card in to the church, or just send an email to our Treasurer, using this link, with your estimated contribution in 2023 

Your nominating committee is ramping up to provide a slate of officers at the up-coming annual meeting. We welcome any suggestions you may have for folks to serve on Session, Deacons, and next year’s nominating committee. If you want to suggest yourself for one of those roles feel free to do so. Session and Deacon terms can be one, two, or three years. The nominating committee term is one year. You may email us at, or speak to Pastor Trina, Mark Vogel, Jennifer Dewar, or Jim Brunner. If you speak to one of us please write down your suggestions so they don’t get lost somewhere in our memory.   
 A response before mid-January would be nice.

Worship Assistance
The hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas has come to an end. The need for help in worship services never comes to an end.  Please consider signing up to help during these cold winter months. You may sign up here:
Presbyterian Church: Winter Worship Assistance (


Annual Meeting
Sunday, February 12, 2023
immediately following worship

Community Dinner
Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 5:30 to 7:00 PM
Details coming soon


Classes for Children and Youth
Sunday school is available for pre-school and elementary children. The program for older children and youth is being re-assessed as we continue to work our way out of the COVID pandemic. We are currently evaluating the possibility of sharing Sunday school with the UCC Church in Burlington.

New England Glow Updates

Camp Wilmot Winter Retreat
Join us for a Winter weekend at Camp Wilmot February 24-26! We will explore Matthew 25:31-46 using the “Where did we see you?” resources published for Youth Triennium 2022. There will be a registration fee of $100 per youth. Scholarships are available for those who cannot afford the registration fee.

Contact or with any questions!!