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Grace to you, and peace in the name of Christ Jesus!

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Black Lives Matter

“While recognizing that racism victimizes many different racial-ethnic groups, we acknowledge its unique impact on the African American community. Given the particular forms that anti-Black racism has taken in the United States of America both historically (including slavery and Jim Crow) and today (including mass incarceration, disproportionate policing, economic inequality, and continuing acts of racially oriented violence and hate), we state clearly: GOD LOVES BLACKNESS. Too many have denied this basic truth for too long. Our choice to align ourselves with love and not hate requires both a rejection of racism and a positive proclamation that God delights in Black lives.”

Facing Racism: A Vision of the Intercultural Community,
PC(USA) Churchwide Antiracism Policy, 1999, revised 2016.

Click here to learn more about Why we say: Presbyterians affirm Black Lives Matter

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Worship via Zoom

To protect the health of our members and friends we continue to worship virtually during the ongoing COVID‑19 pandemic. Sunday worship is streamed via Zoom. We also gather by Zoom for a brief morning prayer service on Tuesdays. You’re welcome to join us using the links below.

Sunday Morning Worship
10:25 – 11:40 am

Tuesday Morning Prayer
10:00 – 10:30 am

Sunday Worship Recordings:

Image of Zoom screen with elders in different households raising their hands out during ordination of new deacons and elders

Ordination of deacons & elders during Zoom worship service on 21 June 2020

Here are links to the most recent available recorded worship services :

17 January 2021 – Second Sunday After Epiphany
10 January 2021 – Baptism of Our Lord (pending)
03 January 2021 – Second Sunday in Christmas
27 December 2020 – First Sunday in Christmas: Presbytery-wide service

You can find links to recordings of previous worship services here.

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We are the church together!

Richard K. Avery &
Donald S. Marsh

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Peace be with you!

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