The Presbyterian Church in Burlington wishes you a blessed Epiphany season.
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Worship Update

Due to recent increases in COVID-19 cases in Middlesex County, we are suspending in-person worship until February 2022; we will assess the situation as data emerges. Meanwhile, services will be streamed online-only via Zoom.

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You are welcome to join us in worship using the link below.

Worship Live-Streamed via Zoom
10:30 – 11:40 am

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Previous recordings are available at Vimeo.com (external site).

God is Holding Your Life

Cupped hands with text: God is holding your life; a journey of assurance for the new year.
The works of God’s hands are faithful and just. – Psalm 111

Join us in the Sundays from Epiphany to Lent as we explore the Psalms and rejoice in the comfort that God is Holding us.

Life is a series of exclamations from “O No!” to “Help!” to “Oh Yeah!” We swing between disappointment, helplessness, and gratitude on a daily basis. As we enter 2022, we hoped we would be past the “O No!” of 2021. Instead we find ourselves with ongoing prayers for “Help!” The Book of Psalms knows all about this. The poetry of the Psalms will accompany us in this series, reminding us that through it all, we can trust and give a thankful “Oh Yeah!” because God is, indeed, holding our lives.

  • Week 1: “These Lives are Precious”
  • Week 2: “Awe and Wonder”
  • Week 3: “Where Can I Go?”
  • Week 4: “In God Alone”
  • Week 5: “Whole Heart Hallelujah”
  • Week 6: “We Wait, We Hope, We Stay”
  • Week 7: “The One is Shining Forth”
Martin Luther King Jr mugshot Birmingham jail
Police mugshot of Martin Luther King Jr following his arrest in Birmingham, Alabama, 1963

Letter from Birmingham Jail

The video below explains the context of the Children’s Crusade in Birmingham and the arrest of Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the video below, Martin Luther King, Jr. reads his letter from the Birmingham Jail (48 minutes).

You can download the letter from Birmingham Jail in PDF format at this link.

Monthly Food Drive

Normally, our monthly food drive supporting the Burlington Food Pantry is the first Saturday of the month. Given the vagaries of New England winters, we are suspending food collection during the winter months; check back to see when the food collections resume in the Spring.

Jesus Calls Us – To Care for Creation

This 3-minute video encourages creation care, amidst climate change. We can make a difference and answer the call of Matthew 25 to care for the least of these.

Black Lives Matter banner.

Racism victimizes many people but has a unique impact on African Americans. Given the forms anti-Black racism has taken historically and currently, we state clearly: GOD LOVES BLACKNESS. This truth has been denied by too many for too long. We align with love and not hate; we reject racism and proclaim that God delights in Black lives.

Adapted from – Facing Racism: A Vision of the Intercultural Community,
PC(USA) Churchwide Antiracism Policy.

Learn more about why we say: Presbyterians affirm Black Lives Matter

Singing the Matthew 25 Vision

Our congregation accepted the invitation of Matthew 25:31-46 to be the hands and feet of Jesus, serving people who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned or poor. That vision is set to music in the hymn, “Jesus Be With Us,” with text and tune by the Rev. Dr. David Gambrell, PCUSA Office of Theology and Worship, with singing and music arrangement by Phillip Morgan, Central Presbyterian Church, Louisville, KY.

The author/composer and arranger/performer grant permission for use of the hymn and recording in worship, online or otherwise. For other uses, please consult the copyright holders.

We’re Here Because …

Members tell why they belong to the Presbyterian Church in Burlington, MA in this 2‑minute video.

Land Acknowledgement

To learn more about ancestral lands near you, visit Native-Land.ca | Our home on native land

For thousands of years, the land on which the Presbyterian Church in Burlington sits was cared for by people who honored, cherished and respected it. Before European settlers arrived and laid claim to this space, others made their homes here. We acknowledge that the Presbyterian Church in Burlington resides on ancestral and unceded lands of the Mattakeeset and Massachusett people (whose name was appropriated by this Commonwealth) made up of peoples including the Nipmuc, Pawtucket, and Wampanoag. We pay respect to the Massachusett elders past and present. We acknowledge, and are called to reckon with, the truth of the history of violence perpetrated by settlers and colonists against indigenous peoples. We commit to uncovering that truth and seeking reconciliation.

This article in Presbyterian Outlook explores the painful legacy of the church’s role in atrocities at Indigenous boarding schools. Learn about PCUSA Native American Intercultural Congregational Support at this link.

I am the church!
You are the church!
We are the church together!

Richard K. Avery &
Donald S. Marsh

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  • Pastor and worshipers in sanctuary
  • People gathered for coffee hour
  • Women walking labyrinth in fellowship hall
  • Backpacks piled on table
  • Person holds sign saying "Christians for Science"go
  • Women visiting in nursing home
  • Trays of food on serving table
  • Woman putting food in commercial refrigerator
  • Men hugging in Fellowship Hall
  • Box full of bagged lunches labeled "Tuna"
  • SUV filled with bags of clothing
  • New members at front of sanctuary
  • Table with advent wreath
  • Street view of our church building
  • Full sanctuary, table set for communion
  • Books seen through glass door

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Peace be with you!

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