Church cancelled (again!) on 2/14/2015

Dear BPC members and friends,

Worship and Church School are cancelled for this Sunday, Feb. 15. due to blizzard/winter storm warnings which have been issued for Saturday afternoon through late Sunday morning. In consultation with several of the Trustees, we agreed that in light of the dangerous winds and accumulation of up to one more foot of snow that have been predicted, safety concerns lead to only one conclusion, and that is to cancel church activities. We do hope that we will be able to have our Ash Wednesday service at 7:30 on the 18th, but we are truly in a “one day at a time” situation. Stay tuned for further word on that.

We can all express our gratitude to the Trustees who have cleaned off major portions of the flat roof at the church, along with addressing a leak created by an ice dam situation. Everything appears to be under control.

Please be in prayer for those working on clearing the roads, first responders who will be fulfilling their duties, medical personnel, utility workers and all others who will be working on our behalf. Pray also for the most vulnerable among us, including low wage workers who will not be paid for missing work, folks who live in substandard housing with little heat, and homeless men, women and children who will be seeking sanctuary from this life threatening weather.

Finally, take some time to check in with your fellow church members who may need a hand.

Watch for another email tomorrow, which will include the sermon I would have preached for Transfiguration Sunday, one of my favorite scripture stories. Most of all, stay safe and warm.

The Peace of the Lord be with you,

Mike O’Brien

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