About BPC

We’re located at a busy crossroads in a bustling community. Since our organization by Boston Presbytery in 1962, we have sought to provide a center of faith and family for many who have come to work at local technology companies, Hanscom Air Force Base, and in related fields (we even have a few native New Englanders!). At age 50, the church retains a youthful feel, and we are seeking new ways to minister with young families, inspired by our increasing flock of little ones. We are small enough (150 members) to care as an extended family, but large and diverse enough to sustain an interesting mix of programs.

Worship services follow a traditional format, but you’ll find informal and contemporary touches: Once every four to six weeks we design a service for the whole family, including children. Other Sundays, children come in for the early minutes of worship and a “Word for Children” before leaving for class activities. Music, a vital part of who we are, includes regular choir, a praise group, handbell choir, and children’s music.

Mission outreach includes a strong focus on food justice, including welcoming Farmer Dave to host a farm share on our grounds, our members join in various walks for important causes; to provide some of our Peacemaking Offering for Peace Scholarships for high school seniors; and even to rocking chairs (our youth rock-a-thon) for a good cause. We are strongly involved in community interfaith activities, are part of a five-church partnership with Presbyterian churches from other communities, and are committed to Presbyterian Church (USA) mission.

We foster a “faith exploration” approach to Christian education. On Sunday mornings we follow the Presbyterian “We Believe” curriculum. Youth grow through further involvement in the Cool Comings fellowship program. Adults are invited to enrich their understandings through special events, like our First Friday programs, retreats and annual Lenten Soup and Soul series.

Those who wish to explore membership in our church are invited to a several-session Explorers Group, which blends getting to know others, knowledge of this church and the PCUSA and clarifying their own faith journeys.

We have been working very hard as a congregation in the last few years to make sure that our church is a safe and healthy environment for our children. This has meant creating guidelines designed to prevent any abusive or dangerous situation from occurring, identifying clear and concrete steps to be taken if an allegation is made, and identifying what behavior we expect from our community. Two documents that discuss these policies are available through this site:

BPC Safe Child Program (doc) and
A child’s code of conduct (doc)
These documents and plans exist not because we have had problems, but because we want to make sure we never do.
We look forward to meeting and welcoming you to our church at the crossroads!

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