Being Easter People

This month, Burlington Presbyterian Church’s 50th anniversary will begin in earnest, with additions to Sunday worship and a ‘60’s Party (can’t wait!). Millie Wiegand is working on an updated history booklet, and in her draft she says that I remind us that we are Easter people (though I’m not sure I’ve done that often as she recalls!). She writes,

This means that although we acknowledge Easter as a historic and worshipful event, the Easter gospel is that Christ is alive. The Holy Spirit is even now at work in the world, making Him known to us.

This is an amazing claim! To me, there are some things that being an Easter person doesn’t mean, as well as does.

I don’t believe it means having to have an ironclad theology of the resurrection (even the Bible expresses this truth in various ways). I don’t believe it means regularly addressing the folks with whom we work, play, and otherwise hang out in specific religious language.

I believe it does mean: Seeing and sometimes experiencing the life of Christ present among people, churched or otherwise (after all, his life is loose in the world!); allowing our lives to be shaped (thanks to the Holy Spirit) to be more like his; living as though the lives of others, and the world, are most important, and finding deep joy in serving them; and knowing that the darkest night doesn’t hold God’s final word to us – that word is life.

It is my true hope that in its 50 years of existence, BPC has authentically witnessed to something of what it means to be Easter people – and that it will continue to do so for many, many years to come.

Happy Easter, and Happy Anniversary!

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