April 2012 Crossroads

Holy Week at the Presbyterian Church
Please come, share in these times which recall the heart of our faith. Invite your friends!

Passion/Palm Sunday, April 1
Remembering Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to confront the power of sin and death.
10:30 a.m. Worship

In keeping with tradition, there will be a palm procession, special music, and the dedication of our One Great Hour of Sharing offering.

Maundy Thursday, April 5
Remembering the Last Supper

“Maundy Thursday” gets its name from Jesus’ “new commandment”
(mandatum in Latin) to love one another as He has loved us.

6:30 p.m.
Family teaching supper about communion
Gathering for all families with conversation about the sacrament.
Then they may remain for:

7:30 p.m.
A brief service with celebration of the Lord’s Supper — on the night we remember Jesus’ last meal with his disciples.
Communion is served around the communion table.

Good Friday, April 6
The Day of Jesus’ Crucifixion

It is “good” Friday because, despite appearances, it is God’s Friday.

7:30 – 8:30 p.m.
A vigil of prayer, readings, and extinguishing of candles in the darkened sanctuary, as we reflect on the meaning of Jesus’ crucifixion, of our lives, and our world.

Easter Sunday, April 8
The Day of Resurrection

9:00 a.m.
With cries of “He is risen!” we greet one another at our annual Easter Breakfast.
Coordinated by Mark and Cheryl Wells.

10:30 a.m. ALLELUIA!
Worship will celebrate the heart of the Good News, with jubilant music.
This is the love that overcomes death!

No Sunday School – worship will be for the whole family. There will be child care for infants and toddlers only.

News of our Church Family
Losses in church families…

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jean Graham and family, following the death of her mother, Hazel Petrie, at the age of 96 on February 19; with Millie Wiegand and family – Millie’s mother, Connie Holmes, entered God’s peace on February 22; and with Bobbi and Ron Steeves and family, following the passing of Bobbi’s sister, Pat, on March 11, after her struggle with cancer.

Thanks be to God, for the love that is stronger than death.


To all those teachers, students, and other volunteers who helped to make our recent Walk Through Holy Week a memorable experience.

Hunger Walk’s coming…

Sunday, May 6 is the date! Let team captain Linda Roscoe know that you are interested in walking for Project Bread this year.

Deacons Corner

Thanks to everyone who ordered Easter flowers this year. The money we collected was sent to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Mission of Deeds.

The Food Pantry is requesting peanut butter and jelly, any flavor but grape. They also need beef soups. As usual, the official collection date will be the first Sunday of the month, but you can bring them anytime and leave them in the red tub outside the church office.

Clerk’s Corner
A message from Session

With a new year comes new changes. Rod and I have spoken about using Crossroads as a way to keep you, our congregation, informed of what Session has been up to and to take an opportunity to make announcements that might not show up elsewhere. Session has already been busy this year by establishing four goals: 1) Deepening our Faithful Relationships, 2) Engaging our Communities, 3) Ministering with Youth, and 4) Encouraging and Enabling Joyful Service. Our committee members may already be familiar with these goals, as they should be the focus of the activities taking place in and around our church.

This year marks our 50th Anniversary, and to that end, a special committee was formed last fall to make this event truly spectacular. Keep an eye out for your invitation if you have not already received it. We kick off the week after Easter with a series of speakers, recalling what the church was like during a particular decade in our history, starting April 15th with one of our charter members! Also on the agenda is a rockin’ 60s party with a live DJ spinning all the great songs from the 1960s on Saturday, April 28th. In May, we’ll have our big weekend celebration with an international dinner, special worship service, and reception.

The Response Team (part of our Safe Child program) for this year is almost in place and consists of Elder Brenda Flynn, Deacon Anne Denier, and Trustee Scott Davis. An alternate will be named soon.

Interested in a spiritual retreat day? Stay tuned! Discussions have opened surrounding the idea of a retreat this fall.

On behalf of Session, I’d like to express our deepest gratitude to those of you who work tirelessly on all of our committees, boards, and programs. Without you, our church would not be the thriving entity we have all grown to love.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan L. Kemen
Clerk of Session

One Great Hour of Sharing

There will be OGH envelopes in the pews before Palm Sunday. We hope you will join us on that day to participate in the procession. If you have children in church school, please have them return their fish banks that day or as soon as possible. To help Treasurer, Jim Brunner, keep accurate records, make sure your child’s name on the bank is legible.

One Great Hour of Sharing gifts help to fund Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program and Self-Development of People.

Beth Denier

Are you read to Rock and Roll?

Please join us Saturday, April 28, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall for our Church’s first 50th anniversary function, a 1960’s dance. Music and entertainment will be provided by D.J., Dave Anthony (Fran’s son). There will also be screening of ’60’s TV shows such as Dragnet, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Star Trek and Andy Griffith for those who want to reminisce or experience the 60s. Light refreshments will be served. Sign up sheets will be in Fellowship Hall. If you have any questions/comments please contact Sue Hadsell at sehadsell@verizon.net.

Mother’s Day Project

Honor friends and family members with Mother’s Day cards in support of the Healthy Women Healthy Families Project. This project supports health education, disease prevention and care for women and children in Malawi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia and Republic of South Sudan. To obtain cards or more information, check with Beth Denier.

Mission Giving

Missionary barrels and hands-on projects, such as rolled and knitted bandages, are no longer required. Fortunately, this is partly due to better facilities in our overseas mission hospitals and other programs. Due to high transportation costs, the Presbyterian Church (USA) encourages members to give money for those overseas projects. Often needed items can be purchased from sources nearer the project which saves shipping costs. Churches wishing to participate in hands-on projects are encouraged to find something closer to home. This might include school bags or health kits which can be used locally or sent to Church World Service.

The February 19, 2012 meditation in the devotional booklet, These Days, quoted a statistic from UNICEF to the effect that 22,000 children die each day from preventable causes. This includes access to safe water, nutritious food, and basic medical care. Not all of these children are from third world countries. Some live in our towns. How safe is the water supply in your town? Do your schools have a breakfast and/or lunch program for children from low income families? Is there a food bank? Are affordable medical facilities available? Find out and get involved.

Beth Denier

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