What’s the story?

Someone—and this quote has been attributed to everyone from Dostoevsky to John Gardner—someone once said that there are only two possible stories that have ever been written: “A stranger comes to town” and “Someone goes on a journey”. In a real way, Burlington Presbyterian Church and I are living out those stories. My wife PamContinue reading “What’s the story?”

Welcome to Reverend Michael O’Brien!

To the congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Burlington: The Interim Search Committee, having met nine times, reviewed the qualifications of five candidates, three of whom were interviewed directly. We also wrote a position description, interview and reference questions and terms of call for the position of Interim Pastor. We are pleased to announce thatContinue reading “Welcome to Reverend Michael O’Brien!”

Easter at the Presbyterian Church With Breakfast, Special Music

A fellowship breakfast open to all begins the day as the Presbyterian Church celebrates Easter this Sunday, March 31 2013. All members and friends are warmly invited, with no reservations necessary. Breakfast will be served from 9:00 to 9:30 a.m. Mark and Cheryl Wells will be leading a team of volunteers in producing a plentifulContinue reading “Easter at the Presbyterian Church With Breakfast, Special Music”