Two Vintage Sermons

One of MY New Years resolutions is to get back in the habit of posting the sermons on the website. I must admit, I might feel more inspired about it if I knew anyone LISTENED to the sermons I post, so if you happen to enjoy these (or even think they’re a good idea) please make a comment on this post and let me know!

These sermons are from June, I think.
Sermon 1: Confrontation in a vineyard

Sermon 2: A bridge not a barrier

Months worth of sermons

I’ve been very behind in uploading sermons. These extend through the end of Lent, with a series on bread, and through the spring.

Break Bread in His Name
Bread for the Journey
We Shouldn’t Blame the Pharisees
The Story of Creation
Something Happened on Pentecost
Brace Yourself For Elijah

And in a slight break, here is the entire Cantata sung by our choir for Holy Week:
Cantata: The Seven Last Words of Christ