October 2019 Crossroads

Stewardship Report

The church of every time and place wrestles with the distance between our timeframe and expectations and God’s. In God’s time, even the small seeds we plant can grow into sturdy trees. In God’s time, the fears we carry can be transformed into new partnership and hope. In God’s time, our expectations can be expanded and surpassed by God’s faithfulness. The 2019 Peace & Global Witness Offering encourages the church of our time to cast off anxiety and fear, discord and division, and embrace our reconciling God’s mission to those around the corner and around the world. It is boundless peace God offers. It bursts through the shackles of time and expectation. It quiets the anxiety of each believer by joining us together as we offer our prayer,
“Now, May the Lord grant us peace…in all times in all ways.”
2 Thessalonians 3:16
We will receive the offering on October 6. Please give generously.
Reprinted from Presbyterian Mission

Mission and Advocacy Prayer for October

Almighty God, it is difficult to see children suffer, especially from hunger. We ask You to give them daily bread today (Matthew 6:11) and end their persistent hunger. Provide the food they need to grow and thrive. Pour out Your grace on hungry families, especially parents straining to feed their children despite dwindling resources.

Source: World Vision web site

Christian Education

Sunday school for children and youth has started! This year we are trying to get to know each other better, as unique individuals and important members of our church family.

Adults, please take a look at the bulletin board outside the pre-school classroom – you can match names with faces of our children and youth and learn a little about what is important to them.

Safe Child Training
Safe Child Policy Training will take place on Oct. 27 right after the worship service. Lunch will be provided. All our volunteers who work with children or youth, Elders and Deacons must take this training every three years.
Anyone else interested in understanding what it means to be a “mandated reporter” of child abuse/neglect is welcome to come. Please RSVP to Ann McGrath.


At our meeting on August 29, the Worship Committee passed a motion to donate 25 of our old, blue Presbyterian hymnals to Elliot Brown for the Christian Fellowship Church of the Merrimack Valley where he is organist. Session approved the motion and the Christian Fellowship Church has gratefully received the hymnals. Elliot served BPC for many years as organist/choir director.

Sunday worship services for October begin with the celebration of World Communion on October 6. In recognition of the many cultures represented in our congregation we will have a variety of cloths on the communion table, several different breads, use several languages in the liturgy and sing hymns in different languages. Communion will be received by intinction.

October 13 is “Bread for the World” Sunday.

October 20 is designated “Children’s Sabbath” and working with the Christian Education Committee, we will invite young people to participate in different ways, such as greeters, worship assistants and ushers for that service.

On October 27 the church celebrates Reformation Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in worship services and please continue to volunteer as worship assistants and communion servers. Susan Larson would also welcome more voices to the chancel choir. Please speak with her about that opportunity.

Trustees Report

As fall and winter approaches, please be mindful of making sure that all windows and doors are locked and the heat turned down when you leave the church. On more than one occasion, the door to the play yard has not been locked after the children are out there. There is a new lock on the door and all parents whose children use the play yard should check to make sure the door is locked when they leave.

Thanks to those trustees who helped during the summer with lawn mowing and various chores around the church. The front railings and posts were recently painted, the carpets and floors were cleaned and the floors waxed and the inside wall to the front door will be soon be repaired.

Food Pantry Needs
We receive donations for the Food Pantry on the 1st Sunday of each month. The Food Pantry needs donations on a continuing basis. Please consider purchasing some 20 oz. dish detergent, individually wrapped bars of soap or bottles of shampoo. They also really need donations of coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Your help is appreciated. Thank you

Pumpkin Patch Volunteers Needed

St. Marks’s Episcopal Church, 10 Saint Marks Road, Burlington, will hold their seventh annual Pumpkin Patch event during the month of October. Our church, along with many other churches and civic organizations, has been asked to help with the selling of pumpkins during the month. Our staffing dates are Friday, October 4th and Friday, October 18th. The patch opens at 12 noon and closes at 6pm. We need volunteers to sign up for two hours or more on each day. The hours are 12-2, 2-4 and 4-6pm. Please refer to the sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall if you can commit to helping out. A percentage of the sale proceeds go to support People Helping People. Please speak to our church coordinator, Ken Dewar, if you have any questions.

Bible Journaling

What is Bible journaling? Come and find out! It can be anything from writing a brief note to a full art piece, done in a Bible or in a notebook. We will be doing some basic techniques on paper – no artistic ability needed! Feel free to bring a journal if you would like to work in that.

Life Line Screening
Life Line Screening, a leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings, will offer their affordable, non-invasive and painless health screenings at The Presbyterian Church in Burlington on 10/15/2019. Five screenings will be offered that scan for potential health problems related to: blocked arteries which is a leading cause of stroke; abdominal aortic aneurysms which can lead to a ruptured aorta; hardening of the arteries in the legs which is a strong predictor of heart disease; atrial fibrillation or irregular heart beat which is closely tied to stroke risk; and a bone density screening, for men and women, used to assess the risk of osteoporosis. Register for a Wellness Package which includes 4 vascular tests and osteoporosis screening from $149 ($139 with our member discount). All five screenings take 60-90 minutes to complete. In order to register for this event and to please call 1-866-229-0469, visit http://www.lifelinescreening.com/communitycircle or text the word circle to 797979.

Crossroads for May 2015

Helping Hand
by Amanda Moak

Providing food to those in need is not the only way to lend a helping hand. Often, it is what you do with the food that helps families the most. When food is stored and prepared properly, its usefulness stretches further and people are able to enjoy the benefits for longer. For this reason, I am proud to say the pantry’s first nutrition and cooking classes were an extreme success.

The nutrition class was held on Thursday, March 19th in the basement of St. Marks church. Harriet Wollman, a pantry volunteer and registered dietitian, lead our clients in a discussion about the “my plate” food chart. She answered general questions and was able to start planning future classes. The next class will be on Thursday, April 23, and we will be learning how to effectively read nutrition labels.

Our first cooking class was Thursday, March 19th. Nancy Hogan, who also teaches cooking classes at the recreation department, spent about an hour showing 23 clients how to make turkey tacos, refried beans, and homemade salsa. We shopped for most of the ingredients in the pantry. It is something we will continue to do so we can show our clients how easy it is to put together a meal with the foods they pick up on our shelves. The clients seemed to especially enjoy this class because we got to taste the product at the end. Many clients expressed an eagerness to attend more classes. They threw out suggested additions to the tacos and even requested meals to try out in the future.

It was very encouraging to see people so excited to learn about healthful eating and food preparation. I think it was a sign that I am doing exactly what I was meant to be doing this year. Hopefully, our success will continue and these classes will be happening long after I am gone.

God, from my youth you have taught me
Psalm 71:17

The Pentecost Offering will be collected on Pentecost Sunday, May 24. The ministries supported by the Pentecost Offering teach young people to make faith, fellowship and service part of their lives. Your gift to the Pentecost Offering unites young people in Christ and inspires them to share their faith, ideas, and unique gifts with the church and the world.

The Pentecost Offering is distributed so that the gift does good, near and far:
Globally: 25% supports the YAV program
Locally: 40% stays with your congregation helping youth in your community
Sustained Impact: 25% goes to ministries with youth
10% goes to ministries for children at risk

Please give generously!

9am to 1pm
The Board of Trustees has scheduled the church’s spring cleanup for Saturday, May 30th, from 9am to 1pm with a rain date of June 6th. We encourage everyone who can make it that day to assist in sprucing up the church property, both inside and out. Please bring all the equipment you need to help, including rakes, shovels, gloves, brooms, garden tools, wheel barrels, small step ladders, window cleaner and paper towels.

There will be a job for everyone, either working on the lawn and shrubbery, sprucing up the atrium or sweeping the winter debris from the play yard. We have a lot of windows to clean, both inside and out. If you don’t like doing yard work, helping out with the window cleaning will be greatly appreciated. This is a great opportunity to give a few hours of your time and maybe work with someone who you don’t know.

Spring Retreat

This year’s Spring Retreat is scheduled for Saturday, May 16 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It will be built around William Bridges’ book Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes. We all experience times of change in our lives, some planned and some unplanned: unemployment, changes in health, loss of a loved one, becoming caregivers for aging parents, the end of a marriage, retirement, moving to a new community, and so on. Using Bridges’ model of what happens during transitions—Endings, The Neutral Zone, the New Beginning—Pastor Mike will explore the intersection of our faith and Bridges’ model. Group discussion, individual reflection, Bible study and sharing our own stories will assist us in discovering where God is in the midst of our transitions.

Books are available from Linda Roscoe. They are $10.00. Please read the book prior to the Retreat. Sign-up sheets are in Fellowship Hall.

Post Office Food Drive
Volunteers Needed

On Saturday May 9 the US Post Office is conducting its annual food drive. Volunteers are needed at St. Margaret’s Religious Education Building, 109 Winn St., Burlington, on Saturday May 9th from 1-6 pm to sort and date check food donated.

On Friday, *May 15th from 8 a.m. – 1pm help is needed to transport the food from St. Margaret’s Religious Education Building and put onto the shelves of the Food Pantry. Volunteer hours can be used towards community service hours for teenagers. If you are interested in helping and making a difference in your community – Contact Judy Walsh at judyw621@gmail.com or 617-797-6786. For more information about People Helping People go to http://www.peoplehelpingpeopleinc.org
*Please note change in date!

People Helping People

Taste of Italy, a benefit event for People Helping People, will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. Monday, May 4 at Tuscan Kitchen, 24 New England Executive Park. The event will feature samples of food from the restaurant. A cash bar will be available. Cost: $25. For information, contact sullivanfh@comcast.net.

End Hunger
Project Bread brings a fresh approach to ending hunger. These are its goals: to promote sustainable and reliable access to healthy food for all, to invest in the strength and resiliency of local communities, and to collaborate with others in building a robust regional food system.

With the support of donors, corporate sponsors, individuals—and tens of thousands of Walkers—Project Bread works to break the cycle of hunger and poverty by devising, funding, advocating for, and facilitating solutions that change lives across the Commonwealth. It is the only statewide anti-hunger organization.

Hunger exists all across our state, but because it is concentrated in specific areas it is not always apparent. By reframing how hunger is perceived, by putting it within a larger economic and social context, and by empowering those who are served to take part in solutions, Project Bread removes the stigma, connects more people with the support they need, and, ultimately, enables those in need to give back to their own communities.

In 2014 Project Bread supported over 400 community food programs – soup kitchens, food pantries (including Burlington’s), food vouchers at health centers, summer meals for kids, subsidized CSA shares, community gardens, double-value farmers market coupons, food rescue programs, etc. – in 130 communities in Massachusetts.
How is BPC involved?

The annual Walk for Hunger is the largest fundraiser for Project Bread. For more than 28 years BPC has sent a team of walkers and raised thousands of dollars. In 2014 our team ten raised more than $4,000. This year we hope to do as well, and we can, with your help!!

There is a rolling start on May 3rd at the Boston Common between 7:00 A.M. and 9:00 a.m. You can start there, or at any point along the route and register at any checkpoint. If you want to return early, there are free buses available from each checkpoint to shuttle you back to the Boston Common finish line.

If you’d like to walk this year – anywhere from 3.5 miles to all 20, you can register online for our team, or speak to Linda Roscoe, our team captain.

If you need more information, please contact the church office at 781-272-9190 or office@burlingtonpres.org.
How can I donate?
• Sign the team’s pledge sheet on the bulletin board outside the front classroom. Give cash or checks (made payable to Project Bread) to Linda Roscoe.
• Online at http://support.projectbread.org/goto/bpc
• Donations will be accepted after the walk on May 3rd.

Anything else we can do?
Pray for good weather on Sunday, May 3, for the folks who work to alleviate hunger, for a successful fundraising effort and for the thousands of folks who will be served by Project Bread.

Call for Congregational Meeting

By action of the Session, a meeting of the Congregation and Corporation of the Presbyterian Church in Burlington has been called for Sunday, May 3, immediately following worship, for the purpose of voting on the proposal to sell the Church Manse, with the proceeds of the sale to be dedicated to the housing needs of the Pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Burlington. The proposal will also include a motion that a sub-committee of Trustee Mark Wells, Elder Tara Goss, and Clerk of Session James McIninch (a former Trustee) be authorized to negotiate the final selling price on the Church’s behalf.

Background Information on the Proposal to Sell the Manse
At a joint meeting of the BPC Session and Trustees in December 2014, the Session considered several options concerning the future of the church’s manse as the church searches for a new installed pastor. After exploring the options, Session voted to take steps toward the sale of the manse, with the proceeds being set aside for the future housing needs of BPC’s pastor. In a straw poll the Trustees concurred in that decision.

The next step was to submit a proposal to the Trustees of Boston Presbytery, and have the proposed sale approved at a meeting of the Presbytery. At its March 21 meeting, Presbytery did grant its approval. The final step is for the BPC Congregation to approve the sale.

The two documents that follow provide important information to read before the meeting. The Manse Subcommittee of Trustee Mark Wells, Elder Tara Goss, and Elder/Clerk of Session James McIninch have prepared these to try and anticipate questions that church members may have. The first document explains the concept of how Presbyterian churches “hold property in trust” for the denomination, but are free to use the proceeds from the sale of property for the ministry of the local church. The second document is the letter that was written by the Manse Subcommittee to the Presbytery Trustees explaining the rationale for selling the manse, and how the proceeds of the sale will be used.

Hard copies of this information will be available at church on April 26 and at the meeting on May 3. Please take time to read this material, and if you have any questions, you can send them to office@burlingtonpres.org

The intent of this document is to explain how property is handled by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and how it applies to the sale of the manse for the Presbyterian Church in Burlington. The subcommittee was asked by the session to write this document to provide information to the congregation to assist in their decision process. The subcommittee also wrote a proposal that was presented to the Board of Trustees of the Presbytery of Boston defining our intent to sell the manse. This other document is also provided to the congregation for their review.

Presbyterian polity is documented in the Book of Order. For our purposes in this situation, the section of the Book of Order that refers to property is G-4.02. The relevant paragraphs have been outlined below. Property owned by legal title by any Presbyterian entity is held in trust nevertheless for the use and benefit of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The main reason for this is defined in paragraph G‐4.0201:

G‐4.0201 Property as a Tool for Mission
The property of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), of its councils and entities, and of its congregations, is a tool for the accomplishment of the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.

The PC(USA) wants to ensure that all property owned by its entities is used for the mission of the church. The PC(USA), through its presbyteries, retains control over the property owned by the churches primarily to ensure that the property is used as intended. The definition of this is stated in paragraph G-4.0203:

G‐4.0203 Church Property Held in Trust
All property held by or for a congregation, a presbytery, a synod, the General Assembly, or the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), whether legal title is lodged in a corporation, a trustee or trustees, or an unincorporated association, and whether the property is used in programs of a congregation or of a higher council or retained for the production of income, is held in trust nevertheless for the use and benefit of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

The Presbyterian Church in Burlington finds itself in the position where it wants to sell the manse. The ownership of the manse is in the name of the Presbytery of Boston. In order to complete the sale of the manse, our congregation is required to follow the process defined by the PC(USA). We have already begun this process by obtaining the approval of the Board of Trustees of the Presbytery of Boston as well as a vote by the member churches of the Presbytery of Boston on March 21, 2015. The final step in the process is a vote by the congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Burlington to approve the sale.

Proposal to sell the Manse owned by the Presbytery of Boston and maintained by the Presbyterian Church in Burlington, MA


The Presbyterian Church in Burlington plans to sell the church manse. The decision to sell was not an easy one. The manse was purchased by the Presbytery of Boston (POB) in 1960 and was recorded in the Middlesex County Registry of Deeds Southern District on November 15, 1960 in Book 9713 and Page 402. The manse was intended for use by the organizing pastor sent to Burlington by the Board of National Missions. The Presbyterian Church in Burlington (PCB) was subsequently organized on May 27, 1962. The manse served the first two pastors of the church, covering a time span from 1960 until 2014, when the second pastor retired.

After the second pastor retired, the manse was left vacant, awaiting a new pastor. However, when the Interim Pastor arrived he asked for a housing allowance as part of his compensation instead of making use of the manse. The added manse carrying expenses in the church budget precipitated a deficit budget and an evaluation of the future of the manse had to be made. In looking at the trends within the Presbyterian Church (USA), and after analysis of the options, the session of PCB voted to recommend to the congregation that the manse be sold. A manse subcommittee was formed to perform the bulk of the work needed to complete the sale.

Therefore, this document is presented to the POB Board of Trustees requesting their agreement in this decision and assistance in completing the sale.

The Manse
The manse was built sometime in the mid 1950’s. It is a two story house typical of the period with three bedrooms and 1 and ½ bathrooms. The house is in good shape, livable in every sense of the word, but a potential buyer would most likely want to perform some upgrades.

Included with this document is a copy of the residential card from the Town of Burlington. On this card is the assessed value, both current and historical, a list of building permits issued and the legal location of the property. A floor plan and picture of the manse are included on the card. The ownership of the house is listed as the Presbytery of Boston and, in error, the Presbyterian Church in Burlington. Other relevant information is also listed.

There are no mortgages on the property and the loan documentation proving that they are paid can be provided. A copy of the deed is available too.

Proposed use of the proceeds
The plan is for the proceeds to be used for the mission of the church in the same way that the manse provided housing for the pastor of the church. These funds would be used to provide assistance for the housing needs of the pastor. This assistance could come in different ways. The exact method of the assistance will be part of the salary negotiations of the new pastor. The proceeds could be invested and the income used for housing allowance or the proceeds could be loaned to the pastor to help in obtaining a home. Currently the budget of PCB includes a housing allowance and it is anticipated that future budgets will be much the same. It is not the intention of PCB to use the proceeds from the sale of the manse to balance the budget or any other one time purpose.

The Presbyterian Church in Burlington requests that the POB Board of Trustees recommend to presbytery that PCB be allowed to sell the Manse. It is understood that this request will require a vote of presbytery and we would like to have the vote taken at the March meeting of presbytery if possible. Assuming the sale is approved by presbytery, a vote of the congregation will be required to formally approve the sale. That vote can happen sometime in May, at a duly called congregational meeting.

Summer Crossroads – 2011

Deacons Corner

For July and August, we will be collecting canned fruits and vegetables (especially peas) for the Burlington Food Pantry. They are also low on peanut butter. Please make sure you check the expiration dates. Money to buy fresh produce would also be gratefully accepted.

The Emergency Fund is getting low. The Emergency Fund is used to help church members and friends with short-term emergency needs. Please give what you can to help others in need.

There are envelopes in the pews; or you may give directly to treasurer Jim Brunner (checks should be memo’d emergency fund).

Summer (Worship) Servants Needed!
JulyAugust, 9:30 a.m.

Summer worship is informal, intimate and friendly – how about signing up to be a Worship Assistant, Greeter, etc.? Call the office, or email us! It’s also a great time to offer musical talents, for young and old!

Join us for M.A.T.E.!
July 17 – July 22

Plans are underway for our housing work week in central Maine. Would you like to be part of this year’s volunteer team to rehab homes of rural elderly and families in need? Our week will be July 17 – July 22. Experience welcome but not necessary. We stay in a dorm at the University of Maine in Farmington. Coming for part of the week is possible. We have wonderful fellowship with folks who go from other churches, and those at whose homes we work.

Youth and adults welcome!

Financial contributions are also needed – and stay tuned for requests for our church to provide some food/kitchen items.

See Rod if interested (right away!), or for more details.

Summer Crossroads

Guest Preacher, August 23
Rev. Tricia Dykers-Koenig

Our congregation, and any welcome guests, will have a special opportunity on this Sunday to hear from the National Organizer for The Covenant Network of Presbyterians. The Rev. Tricia Dykers-Koenig will be visiting in our area that weekend and has accepted an invitation to preach.

Tricia has been very active on behalf of the Network, which is an affinity group (or unofficial advocacy organization) within the PCUSA, to help achieve the goal of a truly inclusive church. In particular, during 2008-2009, she has helped to coordinate efforts to support the amendment which our church’s Session, and Boston Presbytery, submitted to the General Assembly. It was successful at GA, but subsequently wasn’t approved by the needed majority of the presbyteries. It did come much closer than the last time such an amendment was considered. It would have changed a provision in the Book of Order to open the door to ordination (as ministers, elders and deacons) persons who are gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender.

The Covenant Network’s aim is a church as generous and just as God’s grace. Come to hear this tireless and articulate servant of the church!

Deacons Corner

  • Remember the Blood Drive on July 7 from 1:30 to 7:00 pm. The location is the Hilton Garden Inn on Wheeler Road. Donors and volunteers will be needed.
  • People Helping People will host a celebration from August 23 to 30.
  • On Sunday, August 23, churches in town are being asked to take a special offering for People Helping People. Since BPC has already made contributions this year, the Session decided not to participate in this. However, individual gifts will be welcome.
  • On Tuesday, August 25, there will be a fundraiser and bake sale at Flatbread Pizza. Bakers and purchasers of pizza and baked goods are needed.
  • On Thursday, August 27, there will be a “Chocolate and Jazz” evening at St. Malachy’s Church.
  • On Sunday, August 30, there will be a Walk for the Pantry. Walkers will assemble at St. Malachy’s at 4:00 p.m. The walk to St. Mark’s Church will begin at 4:30. Consider getting a team together for the walk and ask for pledges. At 5:00, the Food Pantry will be dedicated. This will be followed by a barbecue on the Town Common from 6:00 to 8:00. There will be live music at the barbecue. The cost is $5.00 per person.
  • Red Cross Blood Drive
    In Memory of Vickie Graham – July 7, 2009
    For those of you who didn’t know Vickie Graham, Whitey and Jean’s daughter – she was a child who grew to young adulthood in our church family. This wonderful young woman was active in the youth group, Sunday school, as a worship assistant, and just about anything else when the church needed help. Everyone who knew her loved and respected her. The Lord took her home much too soon. Please participate in a blood drive dedicated to Vickie’s memory on Tuesday, July 7 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

    At My Father’s Table’ Cookbooks
    now available!

    Out new BPC cookbooks, chock-full of wonderful recipes from our members, are available for the modest cost of $12.00

    All proceeds will help to replenish funds spent for our new organ, when the need suddenly arose last summer. Thanks to Jane and James McIninch for their great work on the book.

    And don’t forget: you may still purchase organ keys from the old organ as keepsakes, or unique gifts. Inquire at church.

    Come to the Church Picnic!
    Sunday, July 12

    The church picnic is always a great time. We come to service wearing our summer clothes, and then after worship we troop over to Springs Brook Park in Bedford – about 15 minutes away. Springs Brook Park is located on Springs Road just before the V.A. Hospital. It is a man-made, filtered swimming facility surrounded by sandy beach, grassy picnic area and wooded areas. Meat will be provided, please bring a side dish, a salad, or a dessert to share. There are picnic tables under lovely shade trees, grills, food concession, small basketball court, volleyball, lap swimming lanes, sprinkler park, dock, and playground equipment. If you have folding lawn chairs or beach chairs you may want to bring them.

    There is a staff of 20 lifeguards/swim instructors who are certified in Water Safety, Lifeguard Training, First Aid and Professional Rescuer C.P.R. Springs Brook Park is also a smoke-free swim area.
    The cost for the park is $7 a person. If you would like to attend and this will be difficult, please see a member of the Hospitality Committee.
    We’ll see you there!

    Head northwest on Cambridge Street/MA-3A toward MA-62. (0.7 mile)
    Turn left on Francis Wyman Road/MA-62. (1.5 mile)
    Turn right at Bedford Street/MA-62. Continue to follow MA-62. (2.4 mile)
    Turn right at Page Road/MA-62. Continue to follow Page Road. (1.0 mile)
    Turn right at Springs Road. (0.3 mile)

    Look for sign to turn into park.

    It’s Time to MATE again!

    Let’s explain that… our summer work crew will head for central Maine and Mission At The Eastward for the week of July 26 – July 31. We are eager again to work on renovations and repairs on homes of the rural poor and elderly, coordinated by the North Parish Housing Ministry of MATE (MATE is a cooperative parish of 9 congregations in the region, mostly Presbyterian).

    We’ll be joining with good folks from the Waltham and Natick Presbyterian Churches. We stay in a dorm of the U. Maine, Farmington, and share good times together. COME ALONG (even for part of the week)!

    You Can Help!

    Donations toward our “board” – Here are some specific items you can help provide. Baked goodies are always welcome, of course!

    Variety Chips (lunch size bags)
    Lunch Bags
    Salad Dressing (4 kinds)
    Sandwich baggies

    Donations toward scholarship assistance – Our joint crew will include some folks who would be helped greatly by some assistance with cost. We hope to cover the $175 per person MATE fee (for building supplies) for all; added costs per worker include about $100 for a week’s lodging in a dorm at the U. Maine, Farmington, and up to $40.00 for food supplies.

    Walk for Hunger

    This year’s team from BPC to do the Walk for Hunger was made up of Sue McGilvray-Rivet; Colin Rivet; Candy and Sarah McLaughlin; Amina Meho; James, Jane and Kasper McIninch; Dayse, Marcos, Jonathan and Davidson Doliver; Susan Kemen; Niloo Hennings and Linda Roscoe. We were among 44,000 other walkers and 2,000 volunteers to raise a projected $3.8 million for 400 emergency food programs throughout Massachusetts.

    Thanks to Sarah who designed it, some of us wore a tee shirt that said “BPC When you pray, move your feet!”

    Thanks to the BPC family and our other contributors, the team raised $1,504 which was considerably above our goal of $1,000!!

    We received a plaque from Project Bread to thank us for our participation and a letter saying that the need is still great. Although the walk raised $3.8 million, the goal was $4.1 million. If anyone didn’t get to donate and would like to do so now, Linda will collect and forward money to Project Bread or checks can be sent directly to: Project Bread The Walk for Hunger, 145 Border Street, East Boston, MA 02128-1903.

    Guest Preacher, August 23
    Rev. Tricia Dykers-Koenig

    Our congregation, and any welcome guests, will have a special opportunity on this Sunday to hear from the National Organizer for The Covenant Network of Presbyterians. The Rev. Tricia Dykers-Koenig will be visiting in our area that weekend and has accepted an invitation to preach.

    Tricia has been very active on behalf of the Network, which is an affinity group (or unofficial advocacy organization) within the PCUSA, to help achieve the goal of a truly inclusive church. In particular, during 2008-2009, she has helped to coordinate efforts to support the amendment which our church’s Session, and Boston Presbytery, submitted to the General Assembly. It was successful at GA, but subsequently wasn’t approved by the needed majority of the presbyteries. It did come much closer than the last time such an amendment was considered. It would have changed a provision in the Book of Order to open the door to ordination (as ministers, elders and deacons) persons who are gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender.

    The Covenant Network’s aim is a church as generous and just as God’s grace. Come to hear this tireless and articulate servant of the church!