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The Presbyterian Church in Burlington
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Burlington, MA 01803
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18 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. HI,
    As a commuter to Boston, using the bus system I would like to know is it possible to park my car in your parking lot and if yes, what would be the charge and how should I pay.
    Thank You
    Mohsen Kashi

    1. Dear Mohsen,

      Thanks for asking! Yes, we do offer commuter parking in our lot during the weekdays. There is no set fee, but we do ask for donations twice a year to help offset the cost of maintaining the lot, and especially keeping it plowed all week. During that time, a flier would be placed on your car in advance letting you know when the donation period will be, and the trustees are there during commute times.

      I hope that helps!


      1. Hi Brenda.

        I was happy to see this question on your site. I am a new commuter and wondered if your lot is full each day.

        Thank you,
        Cheri G.

        1. Cheri,

          Welcome to the 352 bus line! The portion of the lot which commuters may use is generally filled. It is first come first come serve, so the early birds get the spaces. We do not issue permits, assigned spaces, or anything of that sort. We do rely on commuters to police themselves and use only the farther half of the lot, leaving the nearer half open for church use.

          It’s probably not as helpful right now, but the church did just install a bike rack for use by the commuters!


          1. Hello, I am a new commuter to the 352 bus & am hoping to park in your lot. What is the fee & how may I pay. Please let me know when able as I hope to start that commute this week. Thank you so much!

            1. Gina, welcome! We don’t charge a fee for parking. It is first come, first served. We think mass transit is a great thing! We do take collections twice a year to offset the cost of maintaining and plowing the lot. We’re grateful for contributions!

  2. Hi, I heard your church was having a craft fair on 11/03/12. How do I find out more info on becoming a vendor? Is there someone in charge of the fair that I can email questions to? Please let me know, I’m trying to schedule my fairs for November and December. Thank you.
    Tammy Vallas

    1. The Presbyterian Church at 335 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA, will be hosting an Artisan Fair on November 3, 2012. There are still some slots open. If you are interested in applying for a space contact Judy Brunner or Jane McIninch at or call 781-272-9190.

    1. Claire,

      We do welcome commuters to share our lot. We take twice a year voluntary donations to help cover the cost of plowing, but in general we’re huge supporters of environmentally responsible practices like taking public transit. Thanks for doing your part!

  3. Hello, does your lot ever become too [full] to capacity for morning Express bus takers? Thinking of switching my current drive and taking the bus to Boston-was wondering if I’d ever be “shut” out of parking there? Thanks for providing travelers with an option! Much appreciated!

    1. Kelly,

      I did some extensive research (ok, – I emailed the church office who’s actually there). The current situation is that the parking lot is usually divided between commuter parking and church parking. Lately, some commuters have found the lot full and moved more towards the church parking side. The church parking needs have changed since we stopped hosting a preschool in our building, so it has been ok. We do have some daytime meetings in the church though (a Bible study on Thursdays, for example) so the church will continue to need some parking on the church side.

      That’s a complex answer to a simple question. If I had to summarize, I’d say that we’re very close to full, but have not turned away a commuter in need yet.

      I’m sure it will get better in the spring too – we installed some bike racks for commuters recently, and hopefully they get some use once we can see pavement again!


  4. Cornell Sprangers a long time church member passed unexpectedly Dec. 22, 2015 down in Hope mills North Carolina , his wife of 64 years Yvonne was at his side. Prayers for her and all her family is needed.

  5. Pastor Mike, we heard of your upcoming surgery and we will be praying for healing. Thank you for teaching me God’s love through your words, smile, and actions. Blessings and peace to you, Pam, and David.

    Marianne and Jeff MacLusky

  6. Hi,

    As a commuter, I donated some money for year 2015 towards parking and wish to take tax deduction. What is your organization’s EIN (Tax ID) number?

    Thank you,

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