June 2016 Crossroads

Summer Schedule

On July 3 our congregation will join in worship at UCC, and the service begins at 9:30 a.m. On July 10 we will worship back at BPC at 9:30 a.m. and continue the early start time through September 4.

Also, on July 10 and July 17 we need someone who would like to fill in for James and do the Word for Children. If you can help out, please contact James McIninch or Jen Dewar.

Finally, please check the signup sheets in Fellowship Hall and consider being Worship Assistant on a summer Sunday.

Summer Picnic!
July 10, 2016

Once again, the Morrisons have very graciously offer to open up their home and yard to us. They will provide the hamburgers and hotdogs. If you would like to have other meats, please plan on bringing them. Please bring a side dish, a salad, or a dessert to share. Please sign up on the list that will be coming soon in Fellowship Hall and indicate what you plan to bring. They have enough chairs for 40 people.

If you are #41 signing up, please bring your own chair! There will be games for the children. If you have a favorite yard game, please consider bringing it along. Our aim is to have a good time. If you have any questions, see Sally or Brad. Come!

June 18, 2016 8:30am until 2:30pm

Please put aside items that you want to donate to the sale. Make sure items are clean and in good repair. Please let us know if items need small/easy repairs. If you have items to donate you may bring them to the church during the week of the 12th. Sunday is all right if that is the only good time for you. If you are dropping things off, please put your name on them in case there is a problem we will know whose “stuff” it is. We need volunteers to help sorting and pricing items for the sale, Tues – Fri. On the day of the sale, we need helpers to set up, tear down and work as cashiers and general staff. There will be sign-up sheets at the church. Please help, if you are able!!!

A Donation Suggestion List is available on the table in the narthex.

To George

George’s birthday is on June 22. There will be cards and labels available in the narthex for you to send to him. He loves to receive cards! Please help put a smile on his face.

A big thank you to…

All who participated in the Walk for Hunger, including, Linda Roscoe; Jane and Thomas McIninch and a friend; Sally Morrison; Sue McGilvray-Rivet; Caitlin Rivet; Mary Medina; Tara Goss and a friend; Patrick and Clare Doody; Brenda Flynn; Mercy Agyapong; Vida Pipim and sons, Sammy and Roderick; Jackulin David and Vijay Johnson and Abby. We raised ~$5000!

All who came out on a beautiful Saturday morning to help on church clean-up day. Many thanks to Ken and Jen Dewar, Chuck, John and Barb Anderson, Judy and Jim Brunner, Sally and Sean Morrison, Shelly Henderson, Steve, Skyra, Sterling and Seabright Karanja, Ann McGrath, Joseph Porte, Adam Flynn and Patrick Doody for a job well done.

A message received…

Dear Friends of Burlington Presbyterian Church,

I’m sorry to say that I’m leaving my YAV year early. I have reached a point where I think it’s for the best. This year has taught me so much about who I am and how I fit into the world around me. I’ve met so many people and had so many once in a lifetime experiences during my time here. A HUGE thank you to Burlington Presbyterian Church for hosting me and supporting me for a large portion of my year here in the Greater Boston area. I will miss the community, Sunday School, and of course coffee hour. I couldn’t have asked for a better congregation to aid in my spiritual growth and development. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a Modern Presbyterian. I must apologize for any inconvenient positions my decision will have put the church in. I’m sorry to say goodbye. I’ll miss everyone so much. Please never hesitate to call or email.

Blanket Drive
On Mother’s Day, we had a special collection for Church World Service’s Blanket Drive. As usual, you were all very generous. We collected $622 for blankets! Thank you all so very much for your continued generosity.

Stewardship Report

Each year the Presbytery of Boston requires member churches to pay a “Per Capita Apportionment” to support the mission and ministry of the Presbytery, Synod and the General Assembly. “Per Capita” means a certain amount to be given for each adult confirmed member of the church (children who are below confirmation age are not included.) This year’s Per Capita is $51.12. Two adult members in a household would each contribute $51.12; a family with two adult members, one confirmed youth and two younger siblings would be asked to contribute for only the three household residents who are church members. The Session invites you to use the Per Capita envelope in your envelope sets (if you use envelopes) or to use the Per Capita envelopes that can be found in the narthex. Please make checks out to the Presbyterian Church in Burlington. Every Per Capita payment received will free up money for use elsewhere in our 2016 budget.

Also, thank you to all who gave to the Pentecost Offering. We collected $945.

Church School Classes

A big “Thank You” and “Well Done” to the Church School classes for leading the congregation in worship on Pentecost Sunday May 15. Thanks also to Ann McGrath, James McIninch and Stefanie Catella for their guidance and coaching to help each participant do so well.

Souper Bowl of Caring update

Back in February the youth in our congregation collected cash and food contributions during a Sunday worship service and donated it to the Burlington food pantry.

Well, that was part of 10.4 million dollars in cash and food that was collected nationwide for the Souper Bowl of Caring!

Together, we can make a difference.

Summer Celebrations

The summer Sunday school program for children age 3 through entering 2nd grade. It runs from June 12 to September 4. So that our fabulous teachers can take a much deserved break, we are asking for volunteers to teach and assist a summer class (or two). We will provide you with a prepared lesson folder which includes a Bible story and craft activities. You don’t need to do any advanced preparation! Please contact Ann McGrath to sign up.

Food Pantry Donations

We receive donations for the Food Pantry on the 1st Sunday of each month. The donations have been dwindling. Please consider purchasing some 20 oz. dish detergent, individually wrapped bars of soap or bottles of shampoo. The Pantry is in desperate need of these items. Your help is appreciated. Our donation dates are Jun 5, Jul 10, Aug 7, Sep 4, Oct 2, Nov 6 & Dec 4. Thank you!

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