Touching the Elephant

Life often feels like that old story of the six blind men who touched the elephant, doesn’t it? One touches the leg, and concludes an elephant is like a pillar. One touches the tail, and says an elephant is like a rope. One who touches the trunk decides an elephant is like a tree branch, and the one who touches the ear thinks it’s like a big fan…

So many aspects to our lives, we can’t contain them all, can’t understand them all at once. Doesn’t it often feel that way with our church’s life and mission?

There are so many aspects of our ministry together, and we’d probably agree that all (or most) are important and contribute something good. But as it was with the elephant, we bring our human limitations and can’t touch everything. So…the important thing is, find what it is that God seems to be calling you to, and offer your touch there!

There is a Jewish concept known as tikkun olam, which has the meaning to mend the world. This is the work we are here to do.

This fall, there are many ways to be part of BPC’s life and ministry. Have you gotten to know Alex Haney, our YAV (Young Adult Volunteer)? Find out how you can help support the food/justice ministry he is here to be part of as he works with our Farmer Dave program and more. A team is being formed for a Habitat for Humanity work day in Lowell on October 12 (Tom Hennings is heading this effort). Our retreat based on learning about our spiritual gifts (called Bloom Where You’re Planted) is set for October 19 (Marylou Lynn is coordinating). And there are still needs in our Sunday education program with children (Marti Huff is Christian Education Chair). Our Sunday worship always welcomes new worship assistants, singers in choir and praise group, bell ringers, greeters, ushers…

But if you can only be here to add to our joy in worship as part of the congregation, then, by all means, come!

None of us can be part of every aspect of the church’s life – and none of us should try! We are called to “touch” those places where God and our hearts lead us, and to give what we are able as our small part of mending the world.


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