Sunday School is coming!

As August reminds us of the sweetness of summer, we look also to the start of new things in Autumn. We’re hoping that for your family, one of those things will be Sunday School! At Burlington Presbyterian Church, we offer Christian Education in small classes from four year olds up through forty-plus year olds. There’s a nursery for the babies under four. For the children, Sunday School happens after Word for Children (which the grownups listen to the sermon). Adult Sunday School is before service at 9:15. (Don’t worry, there’s coffee.)

If you are even thinking about joining us for Sunday School, here are two ways for you to make sure we can educate your kids appropriately. You can either fill out the form below (once per child, please!), or download and fill out the attached Word Document.

May God bless the remaining weeks of summer for you, and give you a new and joyful energy in the autumn!

2013 Sunday School Registration Form


Parental Acknowledgements

1. Parents must register their child(ren) each year. Parents will tell the Christian Education committee of any changes in family structure, contact information, or special needs
2. When children are not in class, parents/guardians are responsible for their supervision.
3. Please pick up your child as soon as the worship service is complete. Only children in grades 3 and up will be released from class without a parent or guardian.
4. You can expect confidentiality in discussions with the Christian Education committee members when you share sensitive concerns, which may include your child’s special needs or family structure.
5. Although we make every effort to ensure that there are two adults in each class, sometimes that is impossible. Your signature below signifies that you will allow your child(ren) to occasionally be in a class with one adult.

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