June 2013 Crossroads

Hunger Walkers make strides…
This year’s team from BPC hit a new high of approximately $3,000 for Project Bread. Linda Roscoe, Sue McGilvray-Rivet and Caitlin Rivet, the McIninch family, Tara Goss and Spencer Goss, Angela Wantate, Kevin Haley and Kelley O’Hearne are BPC walkers we know of; there may have been more. Bless you for your service.

Many folks contributed as we provided space and refreshments for Boston Presbytery, meeting at BPC on May
20. Special thanks to Judy Brunner, Sally Morrison and the Hospitality Committee.
And thanks to our Deacons, especially Barbara Karanja, Sally Morrison, and Annette Chapman-Adisho, for organizing and leading a splendidly delicious International Dinner on May 4 – with donations going to our Hunger Walk team. (How did Sally manage to get so many people singing in various languages??)

July 4 Parade…
Watch for more info from the Hospitality Committee about our opportunity to provide some hosting (mainly in the form of goodies) for groups who will be forming up for Burlington’s July 4 parade. The parade will begin at the intersection in front of the church and proceed to the Common.

Deacons Corner
The Deacons would like to thank everyone who participated in our International Dinner. It was a huge success. Everyone ate well and had a fun time, especially with Miss Sally’s arm twisting for songs!!! We are especially thankful that we were able to help contribute to the “Walk for Hunger”. A “special” thank you goes out to Annette Chapman-Adisho for entertaining the children!!

The Food Pantry does not have any requests this month. Please donate whatever you feel would be appropriate
for the month of June.

The Dwelling Place served 14 guests a wonderful spaghetti and meatball supper in May.

George has a birthday coming up on June 22nd. There will be cards available on the church table for you to take and send to him. He loves to receive cards!

New Mission Opportunities for BPC

The Mission Exploration Team was called together in October to explore how God is calling this congregation to be faithful in mission now, including but not limited to how we are involved with the communities around us and how our facilities may be used. The members of the team were Ken Dewar, Tara Goss, Colette Greco, Sue Hadsell, Barbara Karanja, Rod MacDonald, Jane McIninch, Joseph Porte, Caitlin Rivet and Mark Vogel. In March, the team made their final recommendations to Session. On May 19th Session presented the five top priority ideas to the congregation during Worship. Please read about these ideas below and learn how you can get involved.

Full time use of our facility:
BPC is currently in conversation with the Burlington Public School system. They are interested in using the facility to expand their employee daycare program for 2-5 year olds. If conversations with BPS fall through, other preschool programs could be identified.

Mission opportunities:
• Establish a “Friday Nights Live at BPC” program with weekly programs including music programs, game nights, craft nights, movie nights, and other activities. This would serve to build relationships within the congregation as well as serving the community.

• Needed: We seek individuals interested in any of these topics to get involved with planning; please speak with Tara Goss.

• We are currently partnering with Farmer Dave with a well-established CSA program that runs 9 months of the year. During the main season, we offer a weekly newsletter that includes a recipe, a devotional, and notes about BPC programs. To expand our ministry through this program we will participate closely with Boston Faith & Justice Network (BFJN) in the Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program organized by Boston Presbytery. A YAV will work part time to expand our CSA offerings, to write a handbook to help other organizations build a similar ministry and to offer food related youth programs. Furthermore, jointly with BFJN, we would offer their “Lazarus of the Gate” economic stewardship curriculum as well as some food preservation workshops at BPC. We will serve as the home congregation for the YAV during the program.

• Needed: We seek individuals to participate in a committee to oversee the YAV’s progress; this would involve quarterly meetings for one year. Also, we seek individuals who are willing to reach out to the YAV and invite them in for holiday meals and other events. Please speak with Jane McIninch or Millie Wiegand if you would like to get involved.

• Join a local housing project to either build new houses (like Habitat for Humanity) or renovate existing homes. We would plan one-day work opportunities a couple of times a year. This would be a hands-on ministry project for BPC with great opportunity for building relationships both with folks in this area for whom we are doing the work and with the folks we are working along side, to enrich us all. Please watch for more information and contact Tom Hennings, Ken Dewar or Joseph Porte with questions.

• We currently have a group of individuals that have already planned two great retreats. We recommend continuing with annual or biannual retreats.either here or off-site.

• Needed: We seek individuals interested in planning and coordinating events. Please speak with Mark Vogel.

Saturday, June 1st 8:00 am

The Trustees are sponsoring our annual spring clean-up on Saturday, June 1, starting at 8 a.m. (feel free to arrive a little later). Please come on out, enjoy the fresh air, and help us put everything outside in shape for summer. Exciting events include leaf raking, gutter cleaning, sweeping, mowing and trimming. Please bring your own lawn tools, and don’t forget your gloves. Electric blowers and very long extension cords are especially helpful. We can put everyone to work. Bring the family and ENJOY!!!

Welcome Back, Farmer Dave

Summer shares will be starting June 10!! Don’t miss out on the tasty fresh vegetables provided by Farmer Dave. Sign up for summer shares now and enjoy fresh vegetables and fruit all summer! For information, see brochures on church table.

Friday Night at the Movies
June 14, at 7:30

Feature for this month: a classic tale about pool. A blue-eyed star’s unforgettable role as the chain-gang convict who just won’t conform. Now what we have here is…failure to communicate. Sure, maybe you’ve seen it before – but have you ever seen it as a parable portrait of Jesus as rebel hero against oppression? Take a fresh look. No charge; popcorn; bring a friend!

Table Gathering at Church of the Covenant
To support the Young Adult Volunteer Program

Join in for a seasonal cooking lesson and three course meal on June 9th, August 11th, and October 13th. Class size is limited to 25 so email bbjyavprogram@gmail.com to reserve your spot and ask for a registration form. Cost is $50 per individual and $80 per couple. See the flyer on the bulletin board for more information.

Christian Education

On June 9, we will be honoring our teachers and celebrating the end of our regular church school program.
Following worship there will be a cook out. Hot dogs and hamburgers and rolls will be provided but we are asking that others provide some side dishes such as potato salad, pasta salad, chips etc.

During the summer there will be an activity time during worship for those children from pre- school to second grade.

Library News
Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli

Many Christians believe the “spiritual life” can only be lived by someone who is praying all the time, who never gets angry, is always blissfully at peace, and who seems to have an inside track to God.

This book is for the rest of us.

Enjoy a heartwarming and often humorous look at the crazy idea that common, ordinary, screwed-up people can be godly!

Also new: More Crochet Prayer Shawl Patterns

Yard Sale June 22, 9am-3pm

Sally and I are the contact people for the yard sale this year. Please put aside items that you want to donate to the sale. Make sure items are clean and in good repair. Please let us know if items need small/easy repairs. You will be able to bring items to the church June 18, 19, 20 and 21, beginning at 9:30am. There will be some evening hours yet to be determined. If you have a key you could bring things on the 17th, the office is usually closed on Mondays. Items should not be brought to the church the day of the sale.

We have enclosed “Yard Sale Donation Suggestions”. Sally and Judy

Yard Sale Donation Suggestions

Appliances: Radios, mixers, bath scales, CD players, (must be in good working order). No TVs, no computers or computer components.

Arts & Crafts: Pictures, supplies and/or creations.

Baby Furnishings: High chairs, play pens, potties, porta-cribs, safety gates, back packs, baby monitors.
No child safety seats.

Books: Children’s books are good sellers…

Camping Equipment: Tents, stoves, lanterns, sleeping bags, back packs.

Clocks & Watches: In working order or only needing a battery.

Household Items: Lamps, rugs, chairs, kitchenware, wall hangings, curtains, dishes, pots and pans, crystal, etc.

NOTE: Do not bring large items to the church until a few days before the sale. Any large items that do not sell must be picked up by the donor after the sale.

Jewelry: Earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces, tiaras. Please separate items into plastic baggies..

Musical Instruments: From Kazoos to Trombones.

Pet Supplies: Toys, beds, crates, leashes, collars.

Plants: All sizes, fresh (indoor or outdoor) or silk.

Records, CDs, In good condition.

Sports Equipment: (Small Items only), tennis rackets, basketballs, footballs, baseball gloves, roller blades. No
weight benches or barbells. No skis, poles or boots. No hockey equipment.

Tools: Hand and power, garden, mechanic, tool boxes.

Toys: Fisher-Price and Playskool items, dolls, balls, board games, puzzles, outdoor play equipment, sleds, video games.

Vehicles: Bikes, trikes, big wheels, wagons.

Clothing Is Not A Big Seller And Will Not Be Accepted Please Be Sure All Items Are Clean!!

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