March 2013 Crossroads

Holy Week at the Presbyterian Church
Please come, share in these times which recall the heart of our faith. Invite your friends!

Passion/Palm Sunday, March 24
Remembering Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to confront the power of sin and death.
10:30 a.m. Worship

In keeping with tradition, there will be a palm procession, special music,
and the dedication of our One Great Hour of Sharing offering.

Maundy Thursday, March 28
Remembering the Last Supper
“Maundy Thursday” gets its name from Jesus’ “new commandment”
(mandatum in Latin) to love one another as He has loved us.

6:30 p.m.
Family teaching supper about communion 
Gathering for all families with conversation about the sacrament.
Then they may remain for:

7:30 p.m.
A brief service with celebration of the Lord’s Supper—
on the night we remember Jesus’ last meal with his disciples.
Communion is served around the communion table.

Good Friday, March 29
The Day of Jesus’ Crucifixion
It is “good” Friday because, despite appearances, it is God’s Friday.

7:30 – 8:30 p.m.
A vigil of prayer, readings, and extinguishing of candles in the darkened sanctuary, as we reflect on the meaning of Jesus’ crucifixion, of our lives, and our world.

Easter Sunday, March 3
The Day of Resurrection

9:00 a.m.
With cries of “He is risen!” we greet one another at our annual Easter Breakfast.
Coordinated by Mark and Cheryl Wells.

10:30 a.m. ALLELUIA!
Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Worship will celebrate the heart of the Good News, with jubilant music. This is the love that overcomes death!

No Sunday School – worship will be for the whole family. There will be child care for infants and toddlers only.

Deacons Corner

The new Board of Deacons met for the first time on Feb 6th. The new board has been active already with providing meals to a few of our ailing church members and activation of the prayer chain.

The Dwelling Place continues to serve those in need on the third Wednesday of each month. A special “thank you” to those who volunteer, especially Sally Morrison and Judy Brunner for preparing the food and Beth and Anne Denier for providing luscious desserts. We also thank all the other volunteers for making salads and serving the food to our guests. They truly appreciate our being there. In January, there were 11 guests served. In February, there were 19 served.

Welcome Back, Farmer Dave

Soon, Winter will be gone. A sure sign of this event is the return of Farmer Dave’s CSA. This year, we will be participating in the Spring share. Deliveries begin on March 18. Hurry and sign up so you don’t miss out on the freshest veggies and fruits of the season!!!!

A Teaching Supper about Communion:
Maundy Thursday, March 28, 6:30

The Christian Education Committee and Rod will again offer this opportunity for families with young children. There will be pizza and salad, and learning activities about the meaning and practice of the Lord’s Supper in our church. This annual event is planned primarily with elementary-age children in mind, but is open to families with children of all ages. All who come are welcome (but not obligated) to stay for the church’s Maundy Thursday communion service – which is typically briefer than most services, and is one of the times when we gather around the communion table for the sacrament.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order states “Baptized children who are being nurtured and instructed in the significance of the invitation to the Table and the meaning of their response are invited to receive the Lord’s Supper, recognizing that their understanding of participation will vary according to their maturity.”

There will be a sign-up during coffee hour for interested families or you may call or email the church.

Crafter’s Night, March 15
Our “Warm Up America” crafter’s night was a big success! We will be meeting again Friday, March 15 at 7:00. Bring a square to finish or help us put them together. Don’t know how to make one? Come and learn! See the brochure on the church table.

Friday Night at the Movies
March 8, at 7:30
Our Feature Presentation this month is “Get Low” starring Robert Duvall, Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek.

One Great Hour of Sharing 2013

Over the years, the resources provided though the One Great Hour of Sharing offering, brought relief and joy to all corners of the world including here in the United States. Your generous gifts proved that our Burlington congregation, as well as other Presbyterian churches and many other denominations, care for people in their time of need. While each denomination allocates its gifts differently, all use their funds for ministries of disaster relief, refugee assistance, and development aid. In recent years Presbyterians have given about $8 million annually.

But need is increasing. Both within the United States and throughout the world, the gap between those who have enough and those who don’t continues to widen. Increased costs of living mean that this year’s dollar simply can’t do as much work as last year’s. The pinch many Americans feel is amplified many times over for those around the world who already spend most of their earnings on food.

Last year our congregation gave $1,610 to OGHS. As a challenge for this year, our goal is $2,000.
That would be equivalent to 40 tanks of gas at $50/fillup or 80 trips to a fast food restaurant at $25 for the family (if you’ve got coupons!). As you consider your offering this year, think of how every $5 or $10 can help feed or clothe or provide medication for someone in need.

The theme for this year’s OGHS offering is that SHARING BRINGS JOY. The guiding passage comes from 2 Corinthians 9:6-15. In Paul’s letter, he reminds the early church of the importance of being generous and helping to supply the needs of others. He encouraged them in giving their gifts to those who were not even Christians and whom they did not even know. He ended his letter by saying that their giving would be seen as expressions of thanks to God.

The blessings of giving have not changed. When we recognize the God-given worth of each person around the globe, without regard to race, religion, or nationality, we know we have God’s blessing and approval. The monies distributed to the Presbyterian Hunger Project, Disaster Assistance, and self development of people, bring joy to the recipients, to us, and to God. As a result of your gifts and the gifts of other congregation, OGHS will continue to be a reminder that through the simple act of sharing, we are blessed and will experience God’s abundance in surprising ways.

Envelopes will be in the pews mid-March and the official offering will be collected on Palm Sunday. You can send in a gift at any time, however, marked OGHS. Thank you for your longtime support of this gift to others, as together we find that Sharing Brings Joy.

Millie Wiegand

What does it mean to be Presbyterian today?

More and more books related to our Presbyterian faith are available every day for e-readers. You do not need to own a Kindle or Nook to read them – there are easy ways to read them on your PC or phone. (Search either or for “free ereader application”.)

You can also download free copies of the Book of Order and the Book of Confessions from

This is a partial list from Amazon to get you started. (The list is sorted by popularity in the Kindle store.) Check out your favorite eBook store and see what is there!

Presbyterian Questions, Presbyterian Answers: Exploring Christian Faith by Donald K. McKim (Jan 31, 2004)

(also available in church library)

On Being Presbyterian: Our Beliefs, Practices, And Stories by Sean Michael Lucas

Presbyterian Beliefs: A Brief Introduction by Donald K. McKim (May 5, 2003)

(also available in church library)

To Be a Presbyterian by Louis B. Weeks (Jan 25, 2010)

How to Survive Being a Presbyterian!: A Merry Manual Celebrating the Funny Foibles of the Frozen Chosen by Bob Reed (Jan 16, 2001) .

(also available in church library)

A Sustainable Presbyterian Future: What’s Working and Why by Louis B. Weeks (Jun 21, 2012)

Presbyterians Being Reformed: Reflections on What the Church Needs Today by Robert H.Bullock Jr. and Clifton Kirkpatrick (Mar 20, 2006

Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt: A Theological Survival Guide for Youth, Parents, & Other Confused Presbyterians… by Ted V. Foote Jr. and P. Alex Thornburg (May 1, 2000)

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