Saying Thanks and Recovering

Dancing to the '60s
Dancing to the ’60s

We danced 60s-style, dined internationally, worshiped on a beautiful Sunday morning, and even have 100+ hygiene kits ready to send to Church World Service, all as part of a fine Golden Anniversary for Burlington Presbyterian. If you haven’t already done so, please join me in expressing hearty and heartfelt THANKS to a faithful, creative, and hardworking Planning Team: Judy Brunner and Sue Hadsell, co-chairs; Jen Dewar, Steve and Barbara Karanja, Susan Kemen, Marion McPhee. They rounded up some great volunteers who helped, notably Mark and Cheryl Wells who coordinated the anniversary reception.

Now, let’s all take a deep breath as June arrives, bringing summer. It’s been a full season, and a year that has been full of joys, sorrows, and hard work.

But our enjoyment of times together, in friendship with one another and in service of God, will not end. In fact, here is a preview of a few things coming our way as summer unfolds:

  • June 10 will be our Christian Education celebration with cookout. After that
    Sunday there will be “summer celebrations” for children preschool-grade 2 in
    place of Sunday School.

  • I’m looking forward to hosting a “Friday Night at the Movies” series, spread
    throughout summer weeks.

  • On Thursday, June 21, a well-known Celtic harpist and storyteller, Patrick Ball,
    will give a performance in our sanctuary.

    More information about the above appears in Crossroads.

    The Session will start piecing together a process for exploring the future of ministry in our building – since our fine nursery school program of 43 years held its final “graduation” on May 25.

    So with thanks in our heart, some chance for a needed rest, and anticipation of the future together, let us move into summer.



    Folks who were here during the tenure of our first pastor - Dick Douse
    Folks who were here during the tenure of our first pastor – Dick Douse
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