Presbyterian Stew

Do you know the old story of Stone Soup? There are different versions, but it focuses on some hungry folks coming to a village and finding residents fearful of sharing from their supplies. The hungry ones put a stone and some water in their empty pot, and heat it over a fire. We have stone soup, they say when asked what they’re doing. It’s very good, but much better with a few carrots, some cabbage and potatoes and spices…
Soon villagers bring their contributions, and a wonderful soup is enjoyed by all.

Here at the Presbyterian Church we have our own version of stone soup – let’s call it Presby Stew, which goes better with this stewardship season. God has gathered us together in an increasingly rich and wonderful mix of people. We enjoy lively worship and fellowship together, and special times of caring and outreach.

This life together, and our gratitude to God for it, is the reality with which we begin our thinking and praying about stewardship. It isn’t how much do we need for our church budget? It is thankfulness that God has brought us together in this special stew, and recognizing that we have been given some pretty wonderful flavor and nutrition to share with one another and with God’s world.

In coming weeks, we’ll be hearing some messages from one another about what stewardship means to us. We’ll be encouraged to take part in the annual dedication of our pledges of money, and time and talents, which we call a Harvest of Offerings, on November 20.

Let our giving, even in these difficult times, be filled with the great flavor of Presbyterian Stew!



One thought on “Presbyterian Stew

  1. O I did not know that rod. Well just so you know I am adoring my current church home called the bellevue presbyterian church in southwest nashville tennessee my neighborhood name of nashville is Bellevue that is 😉 Well you take care and I am adoring them note’s you have on your own website well once again take care-Nicholas Alexander Leach that went 2 your church 4 14 years it was 1986-2000 I was at your church and thy shall not screw up ever again not at my current church and stuff going 😀 well once again my name is Nicholas Alexander Leach and I wish I was born and raised and was a lifelong resident of my part of nashville that is 😀 not living 22 years in Burlington Massachusetts 01803 and all of that kind of stuff 😉

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