Where are our priorities?

  • Deepening our church family’s relationships
  • Furthering our engagement with the community
  • Building our ministry with youth
  • Your Session hopes our church family will join with us in making these goals realities!

    These areas of our life and work together have been part of Session’s conversations over the past few months, beginning with responses provided by the congregation at the annual meeting in January. We’re hoping to make progress in these ways in the coming months, with your support:

    Growing in our knowledge of one another and sharing our faith through such events as the International Supper that took place in February, and more personal invitations to those who are new or less active; bringing into our worship more opportunities for members to share and have interaction; and holding an all-church retreat.

    Building on our already active community involvement by seeking up-to-date demographic info, and building events around our connection to Farmer Dave’s CSA (because we’re a Community Supported Agriculture site, we’ve registered our church as a “Let’s Move” congregation with the PCUSA’s challenge to grow in healthy practices). And check out our church’s new listings at Burlington.Patch.com.

    Recognizing our active older youth by involving them more in our ongoing activities (especially on Sunday mornings) and occasional special events, and developing ministry with younger youth as they grow.

    You should be hearing more about these and other ideas. But don’t wait! Get involved, share you own thoughts with any Session member, and be part of BPC on the move.

    Other news: Session has directed $500 of the “Directed Mission” line in our budget to support this year’s MATE trip. And 2012 will be the celebration of BPC’s 50th anniversary! We’ll be looking for folks to help us plan special events.



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