Bullock Brothers Concert

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday with a rollicking gospel concert featuring The Bullock Brothers. The Bullock Brothers are continuing a gospel tradition passed to them by ‘Singing Walter’, as he was known some years ago as he traveled the Revival Circle singing in their home state of North Carolina. He was the father of the original six Bullock Brothers gospel singers.

Burlington Presbyterian Church is hosting this amazing gospel group at 2 pm on Sunday, January 16th with refreshment to follow. Attendance is free, but a free will offering will be accepted. This is a great concert for kids!

The spirit of hope moves through the world. Move along with it, and with the beat!

One thought on “Bullock Brothers Concert

  1. I just would like to thankyou for alowing me to be a member of this very thriving blessed church since arriving here 10 years ago i have been cherished accepted and allowed to grow in our Lord Jesus Christ at my own pace with so much here to offer eachother the love is so true and overwhelming at times thankyou burlington pres. thankyu pastor rod thankyou deacons thankyou childrens church thankyu praise and worship leaders thankyou thankyoui thankyou iwas soooooooooooo broke and you gave me your\hand and i mine
    let us keep sharing the love of Jesus to oneanother and our community

    VICTORY Halluluya victory is ours….Glory to our Father JESUS and the Holy Ghost

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