Crossroads January 2011

“Make a Joyful Noise” Gospel

On Sunday, January 16, 2011 in the sanctuary of BPC at 2:00 p.m. we welcome the Bullock Brothers Ministry Gospel group.

The Bullock Brothers are the leading gospel singers and entertainers in the New England area and beyond.

Their renditions of such gospel classics as “Go Down Moses” and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” are presented in a sense of powerful and anointed singing. Prepare to be moved by the Holy Spirit as you stand and move with traditional and contemporary gospel favorites. Definitely a date worth remembering. No admission fee but a free will offering will be gratefully accepted.

Deacons Corner

The Deacons would like to thank everyone who gave generously to all the many causes our church supported this holiday season: donating food for the Burlington Food Pantry, giving pajamas and underwear to People Helping People, baking cookies for The Dwelling Place, contributing to the church Emergency Fund and mission work in Cabanlutan through the Deacon’s holiday offering, and volunteering at the Wish Tree at the Burlington Mall. Your gifts helped make a merry Christmas for many people in our community.


The theme for the November/December issue of Horizons, the Presbyterian Women’s magazine, is Caregiving. The devotion for this issue is titled “Thumbs to the Left.” It was written by Sandra D. Shepherd, a minister in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. She suggests when we reach out to hold hands with one or two persons, as we often do for prayer at the end of a meeting or for grace at the table, we should remember “thumbs to the left.” Our left hand, palm up, supports the hand of the person on our left. Our right hand, palm down, is supported by the hand of the person on our right. The devotion ends “Caregivers are prone to spending much of their time and energy in service, often running on empty as they seek to meet the needs of others. By keeping our ‘thumbs to the left’ we can both offer and receive support. Many of us have friends and family who support us, lifting us up so we can continue to serve. Others of us have a church family that provides some of the spiritual and practical support we need to do what must be done. All of us can rely on the one hand that is faithful always: that of our holy God. Thanks be to God!”

Annual Meeting – Come All Ye!
January 15  2:00 p.m. Fellowship Hall
Ice cream sundaes – 1:30 p.m.

(If weather appears to be a factor, there’ll be a message on the answering machine by 11 a.m.; snow date: January 22).

The Annual Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation of our church is one of the most important times we gather outside of our regular Sunday worship. All members of our church family are most Presbyterian-ly urged to come, for business and fellowship!

According to church bylaws, the meeting is held on the third Saturday of January. It is in the afternoon, for easier winter traveling and to avoid a late evening for families with young children. Childcare will be available.

Moderator Rod MacDonald will call the meeting to order. Following brief devotions there will be reviews of the life of our church in the year just past, election of officers (candidates for elders, deacons, trustees, Nurturing Nest Preschool board, and member-at-large to next year’s Nominating Committee will be presented by the Nominating Committee); review of the budget for 2011 and approval of pastoral terms of call. Chairperson of the Trustees, Brad Morrison, will conduct the meeting of the Corporation.

Annual Reports will be available to the congregation by Sunday, January 9 thanks to the coordination of Session Clerk Jane McIninch and our secretary Linda Benson. Nominees for office to be presented by the Nominating Committee will be included.

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