Kevin Hershey’s Ordination

On Sunday, June 20th, Burlington Presbyterian Church was blessed to host a rare and wonderful event in the life of the church. Our member, Kevin Hershey, was ordained as a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church. The service was profound and meaningful. There was music, words of wisdom, the laying on of hands, the charge to the new pastor, and finally a celebration of communion at the hands of the church’s newest minister.

After the service had concluded, we all celebrated in a reception. One of the highlights of the reception was a cake in the shape of the State of New York (Kevin’s new church home!), with a chocolate reproduction of Kevin’s trademark hat.

Here are some pictures of the celebration!

Commission Members
Rev. Elliott Hipp, Moderator, Presbytery of Boston
Presbyterian Church in Needham

Elder Brenda Flynn
The Presbyterian Church in Burlington

Elder Desiree Lawson
Roxbury Presbyterian Church

Elder Thatcher Freeborn
Fourth Presbyterian Church

Elder Betty Rots
Church of the Covenant

Rev. Roderick MacDonald
The Presbyterian Church in Burlington

Rev. Rob Mark
First Presbyterian Church of Waltham

2 thoughts on “Kevin Hershey’s Ordination

  1. We are truely extraordinarly blessed to be a member of this congregation.Pastor Rod and Kathy are such a comfort and inspiration to usas well as all the family in Burlington Presbyterian
    we always feel welcomed and are able to do as much or as little as we want to participate and are never judged poorly…. Thanks for sharing the life of Christ with us and for ordaining another beautiful pastor into the body of Christ… May many gifts of the Holy Spirit flow abundiantly above all you think ask or desire….
    with much Agape Love
    thankyou Burlington Presbyterian Church in Ma


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