Reminder of Upcoming Events!

We’ve got two big projects in June that are coming to a close.

First, as summer and the first harvests approach, time is running out to join our farm share program with Farmer Dave of Dracut. The first produce will start arriving in mid-June, so those wishing to sign up should consider doing so in the next few weeks. The farm share is an opportunity to participate in sustainable, locally-grown produce. Every week, members will get a box with a portion of produce that was harvested that morning. It’s delicious, healthy, and great for the environment. Any extra produce at the end of the pickup day will be donated to the Burlington Food Pantry. Sign up soon!

Second, the Church Auction is June 12. Now is the time to get in your donations! These donations can be basket items (like a gardening basket, or jam basket), services (massage gift certificate, tutoring) or even access to a vacation home! The Deacons are hoping to finalize the offerings by the end of the week, so brainstorm now, and mark your calendars for June 12th!

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