At My Father’s Table

Last summer, during one of our worship services, our organ starting making a noise. A peculiar noise. Our organ was an electric organ that dated back to the 1950s. It had vacuum tubes. Replacement parts were very difficult to find and replacement service was also a problem. At the same time, word came to us of a used organ from the 1980s with all sorts of bells and whistles (literally) not available on our old one.

Sometimes, signs are clearer to interpret. We bought the new organ.

This organ cost about as much as a car, however, so we also got started right away with the fund-raising. If anyone would like to buy a key from the old organ, they’re still available! One of our projects took a little longer to bring to fruition. Our church is full of amazing cooks from around the world, as is amply demonstrated at church potlucks. We have great recipes from Ghana, Denmark, and India, as well as Burlington, Billerica and Woburn.

Jane and Jane McIninch lead a project to gather recipes and compiled them into a cookbook. In a marvel of technology, this cookbook is now available for sale through Amazon! (And can even be ordered from your local bookseller using the ISBN.) If you will be present at church, the most cost-effective way for us to sell them is from church, but if that’s not going to be convenient, you can find it here.

At My Father’s Table.

At My Fathers Table
At My Father's Table

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