BPC Bylaws

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Bylaws of the Presbyterian Church in Burlington, Massachusetts

Click on a link below to the Bylaws in PDF format. The current version is the revision from 2022; previous versions are available for comparison.

  • BPC Bylaws 2022 Revision (Current)
    [Amended Articles II, IV, VI, VII, and VIII, IX, and X to: delete reference to a Board of Trustees and specify that ruling elders on session serve as trustees of the corporation; allow more flexibility in the date of the annual meeting and in the numbers and terms of members on the session and board of deacons.]
  • BPC Bylaws 2020 Revision
    [Amended Article IV to allow for electronic congregational meetings.]
  • BPC Bylaws 2019 Revision
    [Amended Articles IV and X to delete reference to the preschool board.]
  • BPC Bylaws 2016 Revision
    [Amended Article IV to change date of annual meeting to a date in January specified by session.]
  • BPC Bylaws 2012 Revision
    [Updated to reflect changes to the Form of Government within the Book of Order adopted in 2011 by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA).]