Job Posting: Accompanist

Our new Knabe Baby Grand

Program Description
The Presbyterian Church in Burlington seeks an experienced, dynamic accompanist to join the staff of our small but vibrant congregation. We are a multicultural church, and we are working to expand our music program to incorporate a variety of musical styles and genres, as well as our Adult Choir, Children’s Choir, and Handbell Choir. We have a Rodgers Windsor 840 electronic organ, and a Knabe baby grand piano which are both used in leading the music for worship.

Position Description
The Organist/ Accompanist is expected to present music suitable to worship enhancement through performance of Choir anthems, congregational hymns, liturgical material and the selection and performance of appropriate prelude and postlude music. The Organist/ Accompanist is under the direct supervision of the Music Director and is accountable to the Session through the Personnel Committee. The Organist/ Accompanist works collaboratively with the Music Director and the Pastor in planning services and special music programs.
• Demonstrates an ability to accompany choral and congregational singing with sensitivity to choir and congregation’s ability.
• Collaborative leadership style; flexibility in working with different personalities.
• Willingness and ability to perform a variety of musical styles, both traditional and contemporary.
• Demonstrates an ability to accompany vocal and instrumental presentations.
• Strong proficiency in playing both the organ and piano.
• Excellent sight-reading ability, moderate to high level of difficulty.
• Knowledge of the Reformed tradition or Presbyterian worship style is desirable, but not required.

1. This is a part time position (10 hrs/wk) which supports and enhances the worship experience at The Presbyterian Church in Burlington through the use of music.
2. Rehearses with and accompanies the Adult Choir on a weekly basis and for special services (Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday). The Organist / Accompanist is present at the agreed upon rehearsal time, Sundays with practice 1⁄2 hour before the service, and all other special worship services, as specified.
3. Rehearses with and accompanies other choirs (children, bell choir) and musicians as needed/requested. Additional called rehearsals will be compensated separately.
4. Practices to ensure competency during worship. Practice includes expansion of repertoire of varied kinds of music for the enrichment of worship.
5. Works with the Pastor and Music Director to provide for the total music program of the church.
6. Performs at weddings and funeral/memorial services as requested, with the right of first refusal, to be compensated at an additional rate. Any remuneration received for these services is independent of the position salary, to be paid by the family requesting the services.
7. It shall be the duty of the Organist/ Accompanist, in co-operation with the Music Director, to arrange for suitable substitutes for each absence.

Experience and Education
• Bachelors Degree or above in music performance or equivalent
• Prior experience playing in congregational worship settings desired
• AGO Certification is a plus

• The Organist/Accompanist will be permitted two (2) paid sick weeks during each calendar year. Any additional sick time shall be uncompensated. Unused sick time cannot be carried over into the next year. For purpose of this paragraph, one (1) week of employment shall include one mid-week rehearsal time and one Sunday worship, and absence from any one of such times because of sickness shall constitute absence of one-half (1/2) week.
• Up to four (4) Sundays off per year, in coordination with the Pastor and Music Director. Unused vacation time cannot be carried over into the next year. In case of resignation or termination, unused paid vacation will be prorated quarterly.
• Annual educational advancement allowance (e.g. Conference fees, AGO dues, etc.)
• Permission to use the church’s musical resources and space for supervised lessons, recitals, or other rehearsal time, in coordination with the Pastor and Music Director.
• The salary of the Organist/ Accompanist is determined by the Session. It is commensurate with demonstrated proficiency.

Performance Review
• The Organist/ Accompanist’s performance will be reviewed semi-annually by the Personnel Committee, in consultation with the Music Director and Pastor.
• A written copy of the performance review is to be given to the staff member and signed by both the employee and the Chair of the Personnel Committee.

To apply, please send cover letter, CV, and three references to James Brunner, Chair of Search Committee,, and indicate Accompanist in subject line.