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Page updated 25 October 2022

Christmas Shopping Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult!

The “Fair-Trade” movement delivers better prices, working conditions, and opportunities for farmers, workers, and artisans world-wide. We are again hosting an online Fair-Trade Gift Show. Supply chains and deliveries are still challenged this holiday season. So, take a look now at this curated collection of links to organizations offering fair-trade gifts for purchase online. Your purchase of fair-trade products helps artisans and farmers build healthier, sustainable communities worldwide.

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Tap or click on vendor logos below to visit their sites. Product images represent types of products offered by vendors; particular items might not be available this season.

Under the Same Moon – Assisting families in Guatemala

Under the Same Moon Logo: click image to visit site.
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Under the Same Moon supports the Asociación Bendición de Dios, a nonprofit school and community development organization in San Juan Alotenango, Guatemala. The school educates ~500 children, who can’t afford the $250 annual cost for “public” school. The Asociación aims to raise community living standards so that children come to school healthy and well-rested. Under the Same Moon sells handcrafted items made by indigenous artisans and locally sourced, fair trade Guatemalan coffee. Purchases provide improved earnings for the artisans and more stable economic well-being.

Products: Ornaments, jewelry, scarves, accessories

Visit their Face Book Page.

Fair Trade Winds – Supporting artisans from around the world

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Fair Trade Winds envisions a world where no one is exploited for the things we buy. All of their products are handmade and verified fair trade. They work with about ~150 artisan organizations in 57 countries. They partner with artisans who are mindful of the materials they use and re-use, protecting the planet from harmful waste and pollution. Fair Trade Winds provides a market for fair-trade products so artisans and farmers can improve their lives. They are given the tools to invest time and money into their talents, land, families, community, healthcare, and education.

Products: Jewelry, accessories, home goods, holiday items

Creations of Hope – Benefiting Haitian artisans

Creations of Hope Logo: click image to visit site.
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Creations of Hope sells cut metal artwork which they purchase directly from ~50 artisans in Croix des Bouquets, a town ~15 miles east of Port au Prince. The artisans are paid in full as soon as their products are finished. To create the unique cut metal artwork, Haitian artisans use whatever materials are available to them. For the iron artisans of Croix-des-Bouquets that usually means metal from recycled oil drums which is transformed into wall sculptures of everything from traditional Haitian mythological creatures to religious, landscapes, and children’s artwork.

Products: Painted & unpainted metal wall hangings

Rehab’s Rope – Combating sex trafficking in India

Rahab's Rope Logo: click image to visit site.
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Rahab’s Rope gives opportunity to women and girls who are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India. They provide a safe, loving environment enabling them to grow physically and spiritually. Rahab’s Rope provides food, shelter, and protection; education and training; and a place where the whole person is ministered to. Purchasing their products gives job training and jobs. It provides education for children and women, medical care, and more. 65% of Rahab’s Rope funding comes from product sales.

Products: Jewelry, accessories, bags, ornaments, small décor, journals

Mayan Hands – Aiding Mayan women & girls in the Guatemalan Highlands

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Mayan Hands is a fair-trade nonprofit organization providing economic and educational opportunities to Mayan women and girls, building sustainable futures as they continue to live in the culture they cherish. Mayan weavers are known for their weaving skills and magnificent textiles. Mayan Hands connects them to markets willing to pay a fair return for their work, giving them the opportunity to earn a consistent income and support their families. Mayan Hands adheres to fair-trade principles and is a founding member of the Fair-Trade Federation.

Products: Scarves, accessories, baskets, bags, jackets, home decor, wool toys

SERRV – Fighting global poverty through fair and ethical trade in 24 countries

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SERRV provides employment opportunities to artisans, regardless of gender, race, or religion. They work to prevent child labor, making sure artisans’ children stay in school. Artisans working with SERRV are paid fair wages in advance and are encouraged to use sustainable methods and recycled materials in their handcrafts. SERRV provides loans and donations to help build workshops, fund healthcare and education initiatives, recover from natural disasters, and other community projects. SERRV employs artisans who use traditional crafting methods, patterns, and materials to create their handcrafts.

Products: Food, kitchen, home, gifts, garden, fashion, gift baskets, decor

20% of your online order from SERRV will be donated to the Presbyterian Church in Burlington.

Women’s Bean Project –Providing work for disadvantaged women in Colorado

Women's Bean Project Logo: click image to visit site.
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Women’s Bean Project is a transitional employment program for women struggling to obtain and maintain employment. Women they hire enter as production assistants making and packaging all the products they sell. Women in the program take part in classes and receive support from case managers, program volunteers and community partners. Women are paid full-time, whether working on the production floor or in the classroom. The project helps women develop stability, build skills and set goals that will carry them into the next chapter.

Products: Beans, baking mixes, snacks, spice blends

Darn Good Yarn – Helping women in India

Darn Good Yarn Logo: click image to visit site.
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Darn Good Yarn supports sustainable, fair jobs around the globe through ethical sourcing of products that promote job creation for marginalized, under-served individuals. Their warehousing and distribution practices provide safe employment environments. They focus on sourcing products and developing supply chains that benefit people who face issues of gender, caste, and racial discrimination. They seek to employ disabled individuals and veterans. They also aim to source products with a reclaimed or recycled element integrated into their regular production process, whenever this is commercially feasible.

Products: Yarn, craft kits, knitting & crochet accessories

Presbyterian Giving Catalog – Refugee aid, access to clean water, ending hunger

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Explore a wide variety of gifts that provide real and positive impact around the world — including aid for refugees, access to clean water, and helping to end hunger. Each gift pictured in the Presbyterian Giving Catalog exemplifies work carried out by ministries of the Presbyterian Mission Agency collaborating with Presbyterians, congregations, mid councils, and church partners. The purchase and distribution of animals, the building of wells to provide life-giving clean water to entire communities, and ministries to youth and young adults are among the many ways your gift is filling a need, making an impact, and providing hope here in the United States and around the globe.

Products: Livestock, aid kits, education, water, etc