So You Want to Be Our Pastor?

Great news! We have found our pastor. We have invited Reverend Trina Portillo to be our full time, permanent leader in God’s journey!

Burlington Presbyterian Church in MA is currently looking for a full time, solo Presbyterian pastor to lead our congregation. Are you feeling called to be our Teaching Elder? Here are some resources to help you get to know us better!

Our annual Christmas Tableaux - these kids are the joy of our congregation
Our annual Christmas Tableaux – these kids are the joy of our congregation

Heavy Reading:

Fun Facts:

  • We’ve been around over 60 years and only had two installed pastors! We promise that we’ve done our diligence and are ready for a fresh voice during our nearly 3 year interim period.
  • Members of BPC come from five continents. We’re still looking for our first Australian and Antartican members! Our strong African contingent reflects worshipers from Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia & Kenya, as well as a family from Haiti.
  • Our 47 Sunday School kids are all raising money this year to buy a Heifer animal. The animals range from chickens to pigs!
  • In the last ten years, two members of our church have donated organs (kidney & liver) to two other members of our church. It’s hard to imagine a greater love.
  • In 2009, BPC session sponsored “Amendment B“. Although it failed in General Assembly that year, we were proud to stand for God’s people of all kinds.
  • Our church was founded in the ’60s by passionate Californians who brought their architecture with them. We think of them every winter. Ours may be the largest electrically heated building in New England!

Email your application to (or submit your application through the CLC)

In order to have your application considered you must be:

  • Ordained as a Teaching Elder (pastor) in good standing in the Presbyterian Church (USA) or affiliated denomination
  • Willing to serve as a full time pastor for our Boston area congregation
    Your application should include:

  • Your CV/Resume
  • Your statement of faith
  • A note telling us how you think your skills and our congregation are a great match
  • Any links or supplemental information that will help us understand you better