Camp Wilmot Revival

Our church has a long history with Camp Wilmot, up in Wilmot New Hampshire. Years ago, we used to go as a congregation for spiritual retreats and community building. We’ve supported Wilmot with a new freezer for the kitchen, and scholarships to welcome children who might not otherwise be able to attend.

In the last few years, many of our youth and kids have spent a week or two up in the woods, praying, singing and hoping to spot a Polar Bear dance. This last year, 11 kids BPC kids and their friends made the trip up 93 to experience faith and nature.

Now, those kids are going to bring a bit of that faith and nature back to us! On Sunday, September 29th our usual worship service is going to take on a whole energy. Some of the counselors and directors from Camp Wilmot have agreed to come and lead our kids in showing us exactly how much fun they have! Expect the music to be energetic, the message to be inspiring, and your hearts to be lifted with hope. We’ll even be taking a special offering to help send even more kids to camp.

For those kids who have been to Camp Wilmot – we’d like your help preparing for worship. The Saturday before the 28th) at 10 am we’ll be getting together in the church to run through your favorite hymns & energizers, and practice getting the congregation up and jumping!

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