Easter Isn’t Spring

Easter Isn’t Spring
(even if it helps!)

With Easter coming almost as late as is possible this year, we stand a chance of having some genuine Spring beauty (a rarity for Easter in these parts). But it’s important for our faith to remember that Easter and Spring aren’t synonymous.

It’s hard to wrap our minds around the fact, because it’s such a cultural emphasis, but Easter isn’t about Spring. Or, that is, the Christian celebration of the Resurrection (“Easter” actually comes from the name of a pagan goddess of Springtime) has nothing to do with flowers, greening grass, or bunnies and chicks. At most, Spring with its examples of new life is an analogy from nature for a Holy Day that means something much more. Remember, half of the world isn’t even enjoying the Spring season at this time.

The Resurrection is God’s ultimate statement on the execution of Jesus on the cross. What has come to be called Easter is God’s last word on the sin, violence, oppression, tragedy, and even death itself…which characterize human life. If we don’t understand this, it makes no sense to celebrate Easter in the same world context as the terrible tragedy in Japan, the violence in the Middle East or our city streets, and the deep personal losses many of us have sustained during the past year…

The Resurrection is God’s “something better,” which is everlasting love.
In the midst of the worst in the world, there is Good News, if we watch, wait, and help one another to discover it.

Jesus is risen…might be God’s theme song, with its meaning that we, too, are invited into new life. That is true whether or not it is “Spring.”

Therefore this dancing through iron doors,
This singing our way through blind walls…
Therefore these hilarities, against all reason,
And charities welling up for no cause. (from a poem by Amos Wilder)

Let’s keep a true Easter, not a Spring festival, but a timeless gift of faith.



One thought on “Easter Isn’t Spring

  1. Dear Pastor Rod,
    I agree Easter is a time for the church to rejoice in what Jesus Christ our Lord did for us over 2000 years ago when He was sent so that we all may have a relationship with God our creator our Abba the Alpha and Omega He is our reason for life for new life for more life to sing a new song Jesus our Redeemer
    Let us all know Him and communicate with Him We are His Body on earth the church We all are our Creators children and Jesus didn’t leave us alone when He went to heaven after dying for us He dyed so that we may have the Holy Spirit live in us forever we live because JESUS died for us… and yes we as humans have a choice to live with Him but we first give our life to Him by asking just asking Him Jesus to be Our Lord and Savior and take away our sins and we do this everytime we feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit and He is a gentle Spirit not pushy and very loving and i am honored to know Him and ask Him into my heart i hope and pray the same for all men that we all come to understanding the true meaning of the resurection of Jesus and the new life after death… May God richly bless our church and our journeys as we seek Our Reason for living and dying and living again
    because of the precious Blood of Jesus we live
    and i cheryl mowry am glad to be under your teaching and pastorship and grow in Gods mercy and Grace
    Agape is alive and well
    member of the Burlington presbyterian church

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